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Animal rights activists have a lot of work in winter. “With the frosts we had, these animals were just dying.”

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On a short chain, in the cold, without proper care. Animal rescue workers regularly have to intervene to save animals from suffering. Their help is needed especially now when temperatures outside drop below zero.

Their whole life is just a constant fight for survival. The space around is completely alien, because cognitive possibilities are limited to three, two, and sometimes only three meters on a chain. The hands of OTOZ Animals inspectors are most often the first hands that provide a tender, human touch. This is also when the animals hear their first warm words. – These animals are chained, feral, neglected, often starved, and unfortunately in the winter, with the frosts we had, these animals simply died – says Konrad Kuźmiński from the Lower Silesian Animal Protection Inspectorate. When an animal is only an “alarm”, “bell” or “guardian of the neighborhood” – it is kept at the lowest possible cost.

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When a dog is given such a life for its entire life, it is particularly cruel. – What outraged us was that there were two purebred dogs in the house. However, as if a dog that was not purebred was tied to a children’s house – says Izabela Kadłucka from the Animal and Environmental Protection Foundation “LEX NOVA”.

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Also in cities, wealthy people also put their dogs on chains because they simply don’t need them at home. – The lady changed her border collie for two little yorkies who are at home, in bed, and this dog went to the kennel from the vending machine – says Joanna Stuka from the Białystok branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The teenager threw the hamsters into the garbage. The police are investigating the caseKrakow Animal Welfare Society

To end suffering

We must always remember about animals, but especially now – because of the frost. They also feel, suffer and freeze – reminds Marta Nowakowska from the Animal Patrol of the City Guard in Łódź. That’s why there are patrols to reach as many victims of heartlessness trapped in the cold as possible in the shortest possible time.

– Check the conditions, educate the owner, or, as a last resort, simply take the animal away to end this suffering – explains Łukasz Nagrodzki from the Polish Society for the Protection of Animals OTOZ Animals – Warsaw Inspectorate.

Not everyone has the courage to intervene when they see harm behind the fence. However, all it takes is one phone call and specialists will take matters into their own hands.

Main photo source: OTOZ Animals

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