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Animal rights activists want a ban on the sale of live fish. The parliamentary majority is to be in favor

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This may be the last Christmas with live carp on sale. Animal rights activists are fighting for this on their behalf and want a ban on such trade. The new majority is in favour. The question is – will it be easier to change the law or habits and traditions?

Carp are of particular interest at Christmas. Just like the fact that many people still decide to buy this particular fish while it is still alive and suffering. Regulations prohibit keeping live fish outside water tanks. – They are able not only to generate intensely painful sensations, but these sensations are also accompanied by negative emotional states. For example, fear, anxiety, panic – reminds Professor Marcin Urbaniak, bioethicist and zoopsychologist.

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However, calls for indifference are becoming more and more common. – Such situations constitute a crime. This is animal abuse and the police have a duty to respond. Don’t be discouraged – emphasizes Magdalena Silska from the Polish Society for the Protection of Animals “OTOZ Animals”, Inspectorate in Warsaw.

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The problem is not so much bad regulations as bad habits – both on the part of some sellers and still on the part of too many buyers. – This is the most difficult thing to change, i.e. the attitudes of consumers, i.e. us, citizens – emphasizes Jacek Bożek from the “Klub Gaja” Association.

Lack of awareness

Statistics show that every third respondent wants to wait for Christmas with a live carp in a bowl or bathtub. They are lovers of fresh fish and usually amateurs at killing them. – Fish are killed either without effective stunning or not at all when killed and such slaughter is not subject to any controls. No one can control it in the privacy of their home – warns Karolina Czechowska from the “Viva!” Foundation. The new government says a firm “no” to this amateurism. – I hope that this holiday, and I’m even sure, will be the last one without this ban. In January, we want to introduce a bill that will prohibit the sale of live carp, says Katarzyna Piekarska from Inicjatywa Polska.

Other animals will also receive hope for a better fate as a Christmas gift. These include those bred solely to satisfy vanity. – It’s a matter of assuming that animals are living beings that also require proper treatment. I think that we probably have many initiatives ahead of us here, says Agnieszka Pomaska ​​from PO. Some local governments have already taken carp matters into their own hands. No customer in Łódź, Wrocław or Poznań will go home with a live fish.

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