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Anita Werner with a medal on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of Łódź. “For passion that is work and work that is passion”

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“Today I received a medal! A unique and very important medal for me. My hometown – Łódź – gave it to me on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of Łódź!” – wrote Anita Werner on Instagram. On the occasion of the jubilee, the citizens of Lodz chose 600 people who are “a living advertisement of the city”. On Monday, one of the eight ceremonies, the awarding of commemorative medals, took place. In addition to the TVN24 journalist, Marcin Józefaciuk, the host of the TVN program “Teens rule the money” and judge Anna Maria Wesołowska also received awards from the inhabitants of Łódź.

“Residents of Łódź, thank you very much for selecting me for this award. I also thank the Chapter that approved my candidacy. I am honored. Also with such a fantastic group of other recipients. I experienced many beautiful moments in Łódź today,” Werner reported on Instagram. After Hanna Zdanowska, the mayor of Łódź, presented her with the award, the journalist received long applause. – I took it as recognition also for the editorial offices of Fakty TVN and TVN24, which show with their work how important valuable journalism is – says tvn24.pl journalist “Facts”.

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Anita Werner with a medal for the 600th anniversary of Łódź

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Werner is one of the 600 people awarded on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of Łódź. – With these awards, we want to say “thank you” to people operating in various sectors and industries, who do a lot of good in the field of sports, science, medicine, helping and in every other area – said Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Łódź, when in March she encouraged people to vote for those who are the “living advertisement of the city”. On the diploma attached to the medal for Werner, she wrote: “With great gratitude and joy, I would like to thank you for your commitment and passion, which is work and work, which is passion. I wish you energy and determination in taking further actions. Ex navicula navis – with Łódź. Great things are the sum of small actions.

Anita Werner medal

Anita Werner medal Anita Werner’s Instagram

Among the winners were sportsmen, social activists and teachers (e.g. Marcin Józefaciuk, host of the TVN program “Teens rule the money”), representatives of the world of culture and art, as well as residents of Lodz who help the most needy on a daily basis. – Medals were also awarded to those who do great and important things for other people and do it away from the spotlight. It is an honor for me to be among such exceptional people – says Werner.

A girl from Bałuty

Anita Werner she is a native boater. She attended Primary School No. 166, I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Nicolaus Copernicus and studied cultural studies at the University of Lodz (specializing in film studies). When she was 17, she got the lead role in the film “Bitter-sweet” by Władysław Pasikowski (also from Lodz). – Today, in retrospect, I can say that it was something amazing to be able to work with the great stars of the film at a very respected director. It was an amazing experience, she said on the show “Cuba Wojewódzki”.

She played with Marek Kondrat and Cezary Pazura, partnered with Bogusław Linda. It became popular after its release. “I grew up in Bałuty in Łódź. I lived near Limanowskiego Street, in a part called Limanka. Indeed, after “Słodko-gorzki” I became more recognizable in the area. I saw what was written on the door to the cage, I went downstairs and saw the inscription: “Anita, we love you. The boys from Limanca. P.S. Linda, you’re in … “- the journalist recalled in an interview with “Playboy”.

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Main photo source: Anita Werner/INSTAGRAM

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