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Anna Kornecka: the government spokesman tried to corrupt the politicians of the Covenant | Jarosław Gowin’s resignation [komentarze]

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Anna Kornecka (Understanding), plenipotentiary of the Minister of Development for Investments and the Green Deal, commented in “One for One” on the Prime Minister’s motion to dismiss Jarosław Gowin from the government. She said that “government spokesman Piotr Mueller tried to corrupt Covenant politicians yesterday.” Asked whether PiS politicians are trying to reach out to MPs and MPs of the Covenant and win them over to their side, Kornecka said that “we have not seen such political poaching on the political scene for a long time”.

Government spokesman Piotr Mueller announced on Tuesday that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki asked the president to dismiss Jarosław Gowin from the position of deputy prime minister and head of the development, labor and technology ministry. The Covenant leader described his resignation as the end of the United Right.


Anna Kornecka, plenipotentiary of the minister of development for investments and the Green Deal (Agreement), when asked if the Agreement passed to the opposition, said that “yesterday, on August 10, 2021, PiS and Jarosław Kaczyński decided to end the United Right.” – Today we hope that the management of the Covenant party will decide to leave the government and the coalition – she added.

Next door. before 9 o’clock, the group’s deputy spokesman, Jan Strzeżek, announced that it was a decision of the National Board The agreement of Jarosław Gowin leaves the United Right.

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– I do not want to prejudge the nature of our existence and further functioning in parliament – emphasized Kornecka.

When asked if Covenant ministers would resign from their positions, she said that “the state ministers will announce their decisions at a time chosen by them.”

– On the other hand, the Agreement in this situation must react to the words of the government spokesman Piotr Mueller, who yesterday tried to corrupt the politicians of the Agreement so that they would vote for the lex TVN law. An act which, according to the Agreement, is a harmful act – said Kornecka.

– This is a situation that resembles last year’s vote on the so-called animal five. Let us remind you that Jadwiga Emilewicz was able to persuade there to support these solutions. Today, exactly the same methods are used in the case of lex TVN – she added.

Kornecka expressed her hope that “the members of the Covenant will show that they are decent people”.

Kornecka on an attempt to extend the politicians of the Covenant

Asked whether PiS politicians are trying to reach the MPs and MPs of the Covenant and win them over to their side, Kornecka said that “we have not seen such political poaching on the political scene for a very long time”. “This is a very disturbing phenomenon,” she added.

When asked what methods PiS uses to try to drag Covenant politicians over, she said that “we all saw what happened to PiS MPs who left the club, set up their own circle with MP (Zbigniew) Giżyński, and then were dragged out with the proposals. whether it’s working for yourself or your family members. “

Asked whether PiS is offering members of parliamentarians’ families a job, Kornecka said that “such information could be verified on the occasion of MP Lech Kołakowski or Ms (Małgorzata) Janowska”.

When asked whether such offers were made to Covenant politicians, she replied: – Of course, I did not receive any offers apart from my resignation.

– It is difficult for me to say what offers my colleagues get, but I am convinced that they are decent, decent people who, above all in politics, value honesty and are in this policy for the people who chose them, not for the positions or money they could potentially earn, she added.

Kornecka: telling the truth, any criticism in PiS is punishable

On Wednesday, the Sejm is to deal with a draft amendment to the Broadcasting Act called lex anti-TVN. Commentators agree that the changes are aimed at TVN’s independence.

Kornecka was asked why Jarosław Kaczyński is so disturbed by the free and independent media that so much energy of the ruling camp is directed at throwing logs at their feet.

– True virtue is not afraid of the critic. I think this is the key to the operation of Jarosław Kaczyński’s Law and Justice. My resignation is proof of this: telling the truth, saying any criticism in PiS is punishable – she assessed.

– In this case, PiS and Jarosław Kaczyński are the most afraid of this as well. He is afraid of the truth, and the truth is conveyed by the free media – she added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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