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Anna Myroniuk and Alexander Khrebet from Kyiv Independent are the winners of the #AllForJan Award 2023 competition

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Anna Myroniuk and Alexander Khrebet with the #AllForJan 2023 award, which is a commemoration of the murdered Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak five years ago. Kyiv Independent journalists revealed the gross abuses of the commanders of the International Territorial Defense Legion of Ukraine.

Anna Myroniuk and Alexander Khrebet from Kyiv Independent received the #AllForJan 2023 award on Thursday. Journalists revealed gross abuses by the commanders of the International Territorial Defense Legion Ukrainea military formation created in the first days of the Russian invasion on the initiative of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for foreigners who want to defend Ukraine.

The described story shed light on the theft by Legion commanders of weapons and combat equipment, received from the west, volunteers, and even bought for themselves by the soldiers themselves.

“Investigative journalism in Ukraine works”

“We understood that we had to do everything we could to tell this story and stand up for them. Protect the lives of members of the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine – said Anna Myroniuk. – Of course, being the first to speak out was a huge challenge. Now, investigative journalism is recovering in Ukraine, but since the outbreak of war, all journalists’ eyes have naturally been turned towards the war crimes committed by Russia she added.

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Anna Myroniuk and Alexander Khrebet are the winners of the #AllForJan 2023 awardTVN24

– Of course, we received negative feedback that we should not do this, that we are destroying the image of Ukraine in the eyes of the world. But there were also those who supported us and thought that what we do is very valuable. Because it shows that investigative journalism in our country works. And this confirms that there is democracy in Ukraine and this distinguishes us from Russia – added Anna Myroniuk.

– We would like to thank the TVN24 editorial office, all our colleagues from work and especially thank you to Anna. Without her, this would not have happened, ”said Alexander Khrebet. – This work was recognized for the level of investigative journalism. The challenges faced by journalists working on this story were also taken into account, but above all for the courage to tell the story during the war from a perspective that no one has touched so far – said Ewa Ewart, a journalist associated with TVN24, a film producer and a member of the jury #AllForJan awards.

#AllForJan 2023 is a distinction that commemorates the Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak who was murdered five years ago.

Main photo source: TVN24

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