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Anna was sent home twice from the hospital before her death. The Minister of Health responds

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A 36-year-old resident of Greater Poland was to die after being sent home twice from hospitals in poor health and with very low hemoglobin levels in early June. The Minister of Health referred to the case on social media. He ordered a medical review.

“Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski ordered the National Health Fund and the Ombudsman for Patients’ Rights to urgently inspect the hospitals that sent the patient away and could indirectly contribute to the tragic end of this story. health resort in social media.

It is about the death of 36-year-old Anna described by the zlotowskie.pl website. A woman, a resident of Jastrow, unexpectedly felt bad on June 1. The 36-year-old’s health deteriorated rapidly. “After work, she couldn’t even get into her car,” Anna’s friend told the portal.

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Low hemoglobin level

Anna tried to get help at the Hospital Emergency Department of the hospital in Złotów. Witnesses say that the patient was not examined by doctors at all, but sent home.

Mrs. Anna decided to go to the primary care physician. He ordered blood tests. It turned out that the 36-year-old had very low hemoglobin and sent her to the hospital.

The 36-year-old then went to the ER in Piła. Doctors were unsure which ward to assign the patient to. When the woman fainted, only then did the doctor examine her. He then prescribed hormone therapy and sent her home.

It was too late to be saved

The 36-year-old’s family reported in an interview with the journalist zlotowskie.pl that the woman felt even worse. When she got a fever, she went to the Hospital Emergency Department in Piła again. Unfortunately, she was not admitted to the ward again.

The doctor was supposed to write a referral to an allergist. The woman was eventually taken to the hospital, but after she lost consciousness. It was too late to be rescued. Anna died on Monday, June 12. The relatives of the 36-year-old reported the case to the prosecutor’s office.

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