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Anniversary of elections in Belarus 2020. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on the situation of Belarusians and Alyaksandr Lukashenka

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One year has passed since the presidential elections in Belarus on Monday. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated in his Facebook post that Poland has become a safe haven for Belarusians persecuted by the regime and the main promoter of support for Belarusian society in the European Union. During a telephone conversation held on the same day, President Andrzej Duda informed Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda that his country could count on Polish solidarity and help in counteracting the crisis on the border with Belarus.

The head of the Polish government recalled in a Facebook post that Monday a year has passed since the rigged presidential elections in Belarus, as a result of which – as he added – Alyaksandr Lukashenka stood in the way of Belarusian freedom ambitions.


The Prime Minister recalled that many opposition activists, including the presidential candidate Swiatlan Cichanouska, had to leave Belarus.

“With each successive month, the activities of non-governmental organizations are becoming more and more stifled. The arrests of the representatives of the Union of Poles in Belarus, the searches of their homes and Polish schools – were the first signal that the systematic destruction of the structures of civil society, independent media, and even the independent expert community was started,” wrote Morawiecki.

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“Among other things, the popular news portals were blocked, the activities of many editorial offices, including Belsat TV in Polish, were considered extremist, and the dissemination of materials published there, even through posts in social networks, will now be considered a crime,” he added.

Morawiecki: Due to Lukashenka’s actions, Belarus has collapsed into international isolation

The head of the Polish government emphasized that Lukashenka also resorted to “acts of state terrorism, kidnapping Raman Pratasewicz and using illegal migration as a weapon against Lithuania and Poland.” “Through his actions, Belarus has fallen into international isolation” – we read in the entry.

“Among Belarusians, however, there is strength and willingness to fight for freedom and democracy. We Poles are not indifferent. During this year, we have initiated actions for democratic changes in Belarus many times. Poland has become a safe haven for Belarusians persecuted by the regime and the main promoter of support for Belarusian society in the European Union – together with the countries of the Visegrad Group, we proposed an Economic Plan for a democratic Belarus, which was approved by the European Council “- emphasized Morawiecki.

Belarusians gathered in Kiev to celebrate the anniversary of the contested electionsPAP / EPA.

The Prime Minister assured that Poland would continue to support the Belarusian society. “Poland will continue to support the efforts of Belarusians to rebuild a free, civic society,” declared the head of the government.

2020 presidential elections in Belarus

August 9 is the anniversary of the 2020 presidential elections in Belarus, in which Alyaksandr Lukashenka was declared the winner. Officially, he was awarded 80.1 percent of the vote. His opponent, the very popular Swiatlana Cichanouska, won – according to the Central Election Commission – only 10.1 percent. The election results led to the largest protests in the country’s history. The authorities responded with equally unprecedented repression.

The result of the elections in Belarus has been questioned by the international community. Both the EU and the US have called for the elections to be re-elected on a democratic basis. EU leaders have also imposed subsequent tranches of sanctions on the Belarusian authorities for rigging elections and brutally suppressing protests and demonstrations.

President Duda talked with the President of Lithuania. “He can fully count on Polish solidarity”

During Monday’s telephone conversation, President Andrzej Duda informed the President of Lithuania, Gitanas Nauseda, that his country can count on Polish solidarity and help in counteracting the crisis on the border with Belarus, said Jakub Kumoch, the head of the President’s International Policy Bureau.

The problem of migration on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border intensified at the end of May. The number of people who illegally crossed the Lithuanian-Belarusian border this year has already reached four thousand. In the whole of 2020, only 81 migrants were detained. Vilnius is convinced that the influx of immigrants is the result of Minsk’s actions, which is thus reacting to EU sanctions and Lithuanian support for the Belarusian opposition. Due to the increase in illegal migration, the Lithuanian authorities declared an emergency situation in the country.

Lithuania accuses Belarus of the influx of migrantsTOMS KALNINS / PAP / EPA

The head of the presidential International Policy Bureau in an interview with PAP informed that Monday’s telephone conversation was initiated by Gitanas Nauseda. “The president called President Andrzej Duda to report to him the situation on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border. This situation is very difficult for Lithuania, because Belarus treats migrants as almost living shields. We even receive information that people on the border are sometimes led under arms “- said the presidential minister.

“Such events bring to mind associations with the worst regimes. It is also a lack of respect for human dignity. In this situation, President Duda informed President Nauseda that Lithuania can fully count on Polish solidarity and assistance in counteracting the crisis. our countries in the assessment of the situation “- added the head of the International Policy Office.

Lithuania is struggling with the influx of migrants Reuters

At the beginning of August, the head of the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior, Agne Bilotaite, signed an ordinance allowing border guards to return migrants who are trying to get from Belarus to Lithuania in forbidden places. They will be directed to border crossings or to diplomatic missions.

Under this regulation, several hundred migrants were not allowed into Lithuania from Belarus.

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