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Another dead lynx in West Pomerania. He fell victim to poachers

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The West Pomeranian Natural Society informed about the death of a young male lynx. He had only been out for half a year. He got trapped.

Maciej Tracz from the West Pomeranian Natural Society informed us that on Tuesday a body of a lynx named Maj was found in Dobra Nowogardzka (Łobez district). As he said, the lynx died in snares, i.e. as a result of poaching. The use of snares is a forbidden method.

– This individual was released into the wild six months ago, brought from German, a young male, one year old, genetically good, went through the process of feralization very well, well behaved, took the territory around Dobra Nowogardzka. He did not move further, because he easily found food and victims in that place, he was doing very well and had good prognosis – Tracz told us.

The case is being investigated by the police

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At the end of May, the last text message from his collar came and since then he has not sent any new signals. Tonight, the collar sent another text message from exactly the same place, which worried ZTP employees. A lynx body was found at the site.

The police were called to the spot. The Press Officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Łobez, Sergeant Szymon Martula, confirms that they have received such a report. – The carcass of a lynx caught in a snare was found on the route from Dobra Nowogardzka to Krzemienna. Police officers and forensics technicians were at the scene, she said.

The moment of releasing the lynx into the wildtvn24

Lynx, bison and wolves die

In the last several months several lynxes has become shooting victims. She was one of them Cleo. Another West Pomeranian lynx, an Asian lynx, also lost her kitten at the end of September. It died under the wheels of a car on the road from Złocieniec towards Wierzchów (West Pomeranian Voivodeship) near the Drawski Landscape Park. The cat, looking for her child, ran along the road near this place. On September 16, we informed about finding her dead kitten, several weeks old.

Recently, also found in Zachodniopomorskie two shot wolves.

Main photo source: tvn24

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