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Another scandal involving politicians in Great Britain. Will the Tories face their biggest electoral defeat in history?

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British Conservative MPs knew the date of the early election before it was announced. So they went to the bookmaker and bet on this date to get a little richer. Even more interesting is the case of a Labor Party politician who bet on his own defeat. All of them will now be dealt with by the Gambling Commission.

In the final race for the keys to the door in Downing Street, the only issue in the campaign is the dishonesty of politicians. At least two Conservative MP candidates and several other associates of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak won thousands of pounds betting with bookmakers, most likely by cheating. Even some Tories criticize the actions of their colleagues and their boss.

Two candidates for MPs were deprived of the party's support, which does not change much, because it is already too late to remove them from the electoral rolls. The situation is similar in the case of a Labor Party MP, who punished her candidate in the same way for betting on his own defeat.

Polls indicate that the current opposition will gain a record advantage over the Tories, who have ruled the country for 14 years, and are facing their biggest electoral defeat in history.

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British elections and the migration crisis. The Tories are betting on Rwanda, Labor on new leadershipJakub Loska/Facts about the World TVN24 BiS

'14 years of Tory rule have failed the British people'

– It looks like the Conservatives may get closer to 100 than 200 seats, which will be devastating for them. To some extent, Nigel Farage is responsible for this, but it was primarily 14 years of Tory rule that failed the British, says Professor Tim Bale, a political scientist from Queen Mary University of London.


– Voters have completely lost trust in them. They are in a really difficult situation, people just want to get rid of them, says Professor Paula Surridge, a political scientist from the University of Bristol.

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Apart from the latest scandal, the British cannot forget how Rishi Sunak abandoned veterans in Normandy to record an interview or the fact that Boris Johnson hosted parties during the pandemic when people were dying en masse in hospitals.

The opposition promises a moral reset, repair of the benefits and care system and more money in the pockets of the British people. This does not mean, however, that voters trust the Labor Party, because its leader has still not clearly said where the money will come from. Voting on July 4.

Main photo source: NEIL HALL/PAP/EPA

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