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Another week of increases and closer to historical records at the stations

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Fuel market analysts agree that we will expect further increases in the near future. According to experts from BM Reflex and e-petrol.pl, we are getting closer to the historical records of prices at the stations.

The analysis prepared by BM Reflex shows that the fast pace and scale of price increases on the wholesale market will quickly translate into the retail market.

Fuel prices at stations. “Jumping growth”

“Another week of increases is behind us, which was clearly felt by the drivers refueling diesel and autogas. These increased this week by an average of 9 and 11 cents per liter. We have the first stations where the prices of diesel are equal to or higher than the prices of unleaded 95 petrol. Average fuel prices are currently at the level of: 95 lead-free petrol – 5.83 PLN / l (+3 gr / l), 98 lead-free petrol – 6.00 PLN / l (+1 gr / l), diesel – 5 PLN .73 / l (+9 PLN / l) and autogas – PLN 2.96 / l (+11 gr / l) “- we read in the Friday report.

As BM Reflex analysts forecast, we will not avoid further increases in fuel prices at stations in the near future. They note that while fuel is already being sold in places from new, more expensive deliveries, some stations will only be sold.

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“Here, unfortunately, we can observe a jump, even a dozen or so groszy, increase in fuel prices. On average, next week fuel prices at stations may increase by 5 to 10 grosz per liter. While in the previous week on the wholesale market we recorded increases in diesel prices with relatively stable gasoline prices, This week, both fuels saw an increase in wholesale prices by 18-19 cents per liter net. This shows that there is still room for fuel prices to rise at stations “- assess BM Reflex analysts.

Prices at the stations are approaching historical records

According to the e-petrol.pl portal, this year’s September will be bad for drivers, because the costs of refueling were rising week by week. In their opinion, prices at the stations are close to historical records, which may be broken in the coming weeks.

“Autogas should be the first to establish a new historical price maximum, but petrol and diesel will not be far behind. Increasingly more expensive crude oil and the weakening zloty in relation to the dollar clearly indicate the direction of price changes at petrol stations in Poland” – stated in the Friday report by e- petrol.pl.

“Wholesale fuel prices increased significantly last week and diesel oil quotations for the first time in history exceeded the level of PLN 4,700.00 / cubic meter. Today, diesel in refineries costs an average of PLN 4,727.40 / cubic meter and is over PLN 200 more expensive than in Last Friday. At the same time, 95-octane gasoline went up by PLN 183.80 and in the price lists of domestic producers a cubic meter of this fuel now costs an average of PLN 4655.40 “- added.


The analysts of the portal recalled that the end of September brought a significant increase in retail prices of diesel oil and autogas. “Diesel increased by PLN 0.08 and this week its average price in the e-petrol.pl quotation is PLN 5.69 / l. Autogas costs PLN 0.06 more and its current price – PLN 2.87 / l, this is an even historical record at the beginning 2012. Slowly, but systematically, gasoline is also becoming more expensive and this week its average nationwide price, after an increase by PLN 0.02, was at the level of PLN 5.84 / l “- they assessed.

They added that the coming week is not going to be optimistic for drivers. “The forecast of e-petrol.pl for the retail fuel market at the beginning of October assumes further increases at stations and the following price ranges for individual types of fuel: PLN 5.80-5.92 / l for 95-octane gasoline, for diesel 5.69- 5.80 PLN / l and 2.89-2.96 PLN / l for autogas “- they estimate.

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