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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Anshan, China. Heavy snowfall. Winter pandas fun

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Heavy snow has been falling in the northeastern regions of China for several days. The rainfall made Ganggang, a giant panda from the Anshan Zoo, very happy. The animal saw so much snow for the first time and was playing with excitement on the runway.

Ganggang – a student at the Anshan Zoo in Northeast China – has had real reasons to rejoice recently. Thick snow has been falling in the region for several days and thanks to the rains a real winter wonderland has appeared on its catwalk – just in time to have fun.

Full of happiness

Panda is four years old, but only now has it seen such intense rainfall. The animal was very excited and just waiting to be released outside. It immediately started playing in the snow.

Giant panda harps attracted many visitors. After the game was over, Ganggang was given fresh bamboo shoots to eat.

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– The ganggang was very happy. He played in the snow all day and got used to Anshan’s climate and snowy surroundings, said Li Chenghu, director of Anshan Zoo.

Main photo source: Reuters

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