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Anti-European rhetoric of the PiS European campaign. “They will take virtually everything from us, Poles”

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Less than a month before the elections to the European Parliament, the line of dispute is between Law and Justice, which presents Poland as an EU territory allegedly dependent on Germany, and the parties of the government coalition saying that PiS by fighting the EU is harming our security, freedom and prosperity. Kaczyński claims about the Green Deal that it was good but has become bad, and about some of his own party's candidates that they are disposable.

– They will take virtually everything from us, Poles. They will take away our sovereignty, said the president of Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczyński, at a meeting in Siedlce. – What should Poland be like? Is it supposed to be a peripheral country subordinated to Germany? – Kaczyński asked.

With this message, his party wants to win the European Parliament elections, even though it de facto lost the local and parliamentary elections by threatening the EU and Germany.

Jarosław Kaczyński on Sunday in Siedlce, and on Saturday in Sompolno, repeated what the most loyal electorate of Law and Justice knows by heart: that the German coalition rules in Poland.

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– This is the German agenda. This is implementing what the Germans want, Kaczyński said in Sampolno. – We need to tell Poles: let's not commit suicide. Social, economic, national, because they are trying to impose it on us – added the PiS president.

At PiS meetings, no one talks directly about taking Poland out of the EU, because they don't have to. The context is pretty clear anyway.

– The EU is definitely different than the one we joined 20 years ago – said Daniel Milewski, PiS MP and candidate for the European Parliament, at a meeting in Siedlce.

An effigy of Donald Tusk on the gallows during a protest in WarsawJacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

Hołownia: If we do not go to the polls, those who want to take us out of the European Union will go

The dispute over the EU and Poland's future within it is convenient for the ruling coalition. Support for European integration is very high among Poles. – If anyone decided that Poland would not be part of the Western European family, it would mean that Poland would be doomed to drift towards Putin's Russia – Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz, an MP and candidate of the Civic Coalition in the European Parliament elections, comments on the PiS rhetoric.

– The left has always been pro-European. It was the Left that introduced Poland to the European Union – says Robert Biedroń, MEP and candidate in the European Parliament elections.

Kaczyński understands that a third, subsequent defeat would be a political disaster

In the current situation, Law and Justice finds itself in a trap. The party is responsible for introducing the EU Green Deal, against which farmers are protesting on the streets of Polish cities, hence the attempt to distance itself from it, and even an attempt to convince its voters that there were two different Green Deals: a good one and a bad one.

– The Green Deal in its version is dangerous, because it also had its previous version, completely different, incomparably less dangerous, and one could even say harmless at all – Kaczyński argues.

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– Jarosław Kaczyński has a split personality. I think it would be wise and honest to say: yes, we were wrong, and now we are against it – comments Andrzej Szejna, deputy minister of foreign affairs and the Left's candidate in the European Parliament elections.

Jarosław Kaczyński understands that a third, subsequent defeat would be a political disaster. Hence, there are strong, expressive names on the Law and Justice lists. – These are units that are actually intended to be used only once. Because they suffer such huge losses in battle that they are no longer fit to fight. Of course, I wish you a long life – Kaczyński said in Siedlce about the candidacies of Jacek Kurski and Adam Bielan.

Jacek Kurski, today in the election headquarters of Law and Justice, when he was the president of TVP, attacked Donald Tusk and scared Poles with the EU and Germany.

Main photo source: TVN24

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