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Anti-TVN act passed by the Sejm. Reports from foreign TV stations BBC, Euronews and Deutsche Welle

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Wednesday’s vote in the Sejm and the adoption of the anti-TVN law echoed abroad. The case is reported by the most important news stations, including the BBC, Deutsche Welle and Euronews.

On Wednesday The Sejm adopted an amendment to the Broadcasting Act, known as the anti-TVN act. The bill was supported by 228 MPs, with 216 votes against and 10 abstentions. In the opinion of commentators, the PiS project targets the independence of TVN. Many journalists, politicians and institutions protested against the changes in the media law.

The world’s largest television stations reported on Wednesday’s events in the Polish parliament.


BBC: Americans are watching

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– The Polish parliament passed a bill that, according to its opponents, will increase the right-wing government’s control over the media – informed the presenter of the British BBC station. The United States expressed deep concern, she added, saying it was a threat to freedom. – The law restricts capital from outside Europe. One of the TV stations most critical of the government is owned by the American Discovery group. A spokesman for the US Department of State said he was watching the events in Poland, reported the British journalist.

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Euronews: Nationalist PiS

– The Polish parliament passed a new, controversial media law, which may lead to the loss of the license by the largest independent television station – reported Euronews.

In the TV material about lex TVN it was stated that the law “was passed during a stormy parliamentary session”.

– It was created by the nationalist ruling Law and Justice party. The law prohibits entities from outside the European Economic Zone from having a controlling stake in Polish media companies. The opposition claims that the act was created with the TVN station in mind, which often criticizes the Law and Justice party, which has been ruling in Poland since 2015, informed the journalist of the European news channel. She reminded that TVN is part of the American media group Discovery.

Foreign press on passing the anti-TVN actTVN24

Deutsche Welle: The government’s future is uncertain

Viewers of the Deutche Welle station heard on Wednesday that “the Polish government has passed a new, controversial media law”. – Its project divided the ruling coalition and caused a political shock. The future of the government is uncertain – said the presenter of German television.

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As he explained, “the new law will affect TVN, the news station that was critical of the government.” – The new law passed on Wednesday by the parliament will prevent companies from outside Europe from controlling the Polish media. The concern to which TVN belongs is based in America. The station’s license expires in September. Losing her would be a great blow to the independent media in Poland – said the journalist.

TVN24, BBC, Euronews, Deutsche Welle

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