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Anti-TVN Act. Piotr Zgorzelski and Cezary Tomczyk about Paweł Kukiz

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Deputy Speaker of the Sejm on behalf of the Polish-PSL Coalition, Piotr Zgorzelski, MP and chairman of the Civic Coalition, Cezary Tomczyk, commented in “Tak jest” on TVN24 on Thursday voting on the anti-TVN law, which took place in the Sejm on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the Sejm adopted the anti-TVN law. It was supported by 228 MPs, with 216 votes against and 10 abstentions. The act known as anti-TVN changes the rules of granting broadcasting licenses to media with capital from outside the European Economic Area. In the unanimous opinion of commentators, the new regulations, the draft of which were submitted to the Sejm by PiS MPs, are aimed at the independence of TVN. Many journalists, politicians and institutions protested against the changes in the media law.

The anti-TVN law was supported by 223 MPs from the Law and Justice club, three out of four members of the Kukiz’15 club, including Paweł Kukiz, and two non-attached MPs – Zbigniew Ajchler and Łukasz Mejza.


MPs from Kukiz’15: we made a mistake in the voteTVN24

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Zgorzelski about Paweł Kukiz: he is a very naive man

This vote was commented on Thursday in “Tak jest” on TVN24 by the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm on behalf of the Polish-PSL Coalition, Piotr Zgorzelski (voted against Lex TVN) and Cezary Tomczyk, MP and Chairman of the Civic Coalition (voted against Lex TVN).

– One could say a little ironically: what a beautiful catastrophe. The man who had anti-systemism on his banners got stuck in the worst possible system, the totalitarian one. I did not wish Paweł Kukiz to end this way – said Zgorzelski, who for some time was in the same coalition with Paweł Kukiz.

Paweł Kukiz in the SejmPAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

According to Zgorzelski, Kukiz is “a very naive man and will be used like a useful idiot”. – Even when the Law and Justice promises him something, he will of course not keep, and at the end of the road, when he will be needed by some majority, to patch up the majority with some act, he will be seduced by the fact that perhaps single-member constituencies will be created in some quasi-reform of the electoral system, because PiS simply needs him for the time being – he added.

Tomczyk: this is the end of Paweł Kukiz’s myth

– Today, if I met Paweł Kukiz, I would ask him: Paweł, how much have you sold yourself for? – said Tomczyk. – He just sold himself. He was an anti-system man, he was a man for whom over 20 percent of people voted in the presidential election – he said.

He assessed that “this is the end of Paweł Kukiz, the end of his myth”. – Today, anyone who has Paweł Kukiz’s album should simply send it back to him and add a few more words. The truth – said the chairman of the KO.

Tomczyk: this is the end of Paweł Kukiz’s mythTVN24

Anti-TVN Act

TVN24 is still waiting for the National Broadcasting Council to extend its license, which expires on September 26. The application for its extension was filed 18 months ago. KRRiT claims that the problem lies in the “ownership situation” of the TVN group. Meanwhile, a group of Law and Justice MPs submitted a draft amendment to the Broadcasting Act to the Sejm on 7 July. “The will of the legislator is that companies based in Poland cannot be controlled by entities outside the European Economic Area” – it was written in the justification. The law was passed on Wednesday.

TVN is owned by Discovery, through its subsidiary Polish Television Holding BV in the Netherlands, and thus belonging to the EEA. Commentators agree that the changes are aimed at TVN’s independence.


Main photo source: PAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

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