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Anticyclone Scipio will bring scorching heat. Heat wave in Italy. “It's really hot”

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The first heat wave of the year is coming to Italy. Heat will pour from the sky, all thanks to the Scipio anticyclone. It will cause hot air to flow from Africa. Temperatures may approach 40 degrees during the weekend.

People in Italy are preparing for the first heatwave of the year. Due to the African high pressure (anticyclone) Scipio, hot air will flow in. Italian meteorologists predict that the peak of the heat wave will fall on Saturday. Thermometers are supposed to show from 33 degrees C in the north of the country, through 32-34 degrees C in the center, to 38 degrees C in Sardinia.

– It's so hot that I'm sweating a lot. I feel like I'm in a desert, said Georgia De Sous, a tourist from Brazil. – We drink a lot of water, but it's really hot – said Dora Sambor, another tourist and citizen Hungarian.

On Friday in Rome, the maximum temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius.

Maximum temperature on Friday in Italy wetteronline.de

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It's hot in Italy

Although the high is unlikely to last for long, the heat wave in the south may last longer and local thermal records may be broken. However, a drop in temperature is expected in the north, which may temporarily interrupt the heatwave.

The Italian media recalled that last year's summer was terribly hot. The highest level of heat alert was in force in many cities for weeks, with temperatures reaching up to 45 degrees.

According to experts, heatwaves will become longer and more disruptive due to climate change. The warmest global May in recorded history is behind us, scientists working on the EU's Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) program announced on Wednesday.. This was the 12th month in a row when the global temperature record was broken.

There was a beachy atmosphere in Naples on Wednesday – video without soundPAP/EPA/CIRO FUSCO

Main photo source: ITALY WEATHER

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