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Antonia. After a fall on a moped, he locked himself in the house

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In front of his property, he flipped over on his moped. Witnesses noted that he had a bleeding head wound, but despite these injuries he ran home. He wasn’t going to let anyone in. The police had to break down the door. The 53-year-old then admitted that he was drunk. He went to the hospital.

The Ostrołęka police received a report about a moped driver who fell over in the village of Antonie, then ran away and hid in one of the houses. Witnesses said the man had visible head injuries.

The policemen in the window noticed a man indicated by bystanders, he had a bloody head.

– He did not respond to commands issued by uniformed police officers – informs commissar Tomasz Żerański from the Ostrołęka police in a communiqué. So they decided to break down the door. During the conversation, the 53-year-old motorcyclist himself admitted that he was driving without a helmet and was under the influence of alcohol. He turned around in front of his property. However, wanting to avoid responsibility, he hid the bike and locked himself in the house.

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Two per mille, no OC…

A breathalyzer test showed that he had more than two times the legal limit of alcohol in his system. The moped he was using was not roadworthy, had registration plates from another vehicle and had no compulsory insurance.

The man was taken to the hospital and will appear in court soon. He faces up to two years in prison and a very heavy fine. The lack of third party liability insurance was reported to the Insurance Guarantee Fund. The fine from July 1 this year is PLN 10,800.

“Recipe for Tragedy”

Unfortunately, many motorcyclists still think that a moped is a bigger bike and, for example, they do not use protective helmets while driving. And yet hitting your head against the ground, even at low speed, can end in death or disability. Adding driving under the influence of alcohol, we have a ready recipe for tragedy.

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