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Antoninów. He stopped the bus, wrapped the deer in his own jacket, rescue operation

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Mr. Wojciech, the driver of the 737 bus noticed deer lying by the road. Only one of them showed signs of life. He placed the animal on his jacket and took it to the bus. He also notified the municipal police ecopath, who transported the animal to the clinic.

The incident took place on May 20 at around 7 o’clock in Antoninów near Piaseczno. But only now on social media they were described by Mobilis, a carrier working for the Public Transport Authority. Mr. Wojciech, the driver of the 737 bus set off on the route from the Southern Cemetery in Antoninów towards the North Ursynów.

“When he was approaching the first intersection on the route, he noticed an animal lying on the road from a distance. After entering the intersection, it turned out that it was a roe deer and two little deer lying 2-3 meters from it, on both sides of it. Mr. Wojciech noticed that one of the babies was moving, so he stopped the bus, turned on the emergency lights and went to check the situation “- we read on the Mobilis Facebook profile.

As it turned out, the adult roe deer did not survive being hit by the car. She was pregnant. Two little deer lay near the dead female, but only one showed signs of life. “The perpetrator left without giving any help! The view was really terrifying, but Mr. Wojciech remained calm. He quickly called the emergency number 112 and the report was forwarded to the Eco-patrol. Then he took his jacket from the cabin, put the pet in it and returned to bus “- informs Mobilis.

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The bus driver was saving a deer lying by the roadMobilis / facebook.com

To enable the driver to continue his journey, one of the passengers offered to help and held the doe on her lap up to the loop in North Ursynów. There, the animal was picked up and taken to the veterinary clinic.

Unfortunately, this is a story with no happy ending. After a few days, the deer died. “The whole situation has a tragic end, yet our driver – Mr. Wojciech deserves great applause for his empathy, great commitment and a big heart!” – Summarizes Mobilis.

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The hedgehog was saved at the last minutePraga Południe na signal / Facebook

Main photo source: Mobilis / facebook.com

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