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Antony Blinken and Emmanuel Macron with an appeal to Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response

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French President Emmanuel Macron called on Israel to “stop bombing Gaza and killing civilians.” In an interview with the BBC, he also stated that a ceasefire would be beneficial for Israel. He stressed that France condemns the “terrorism” of Hamas. The interview was met with reaction from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “The world should condemn Hamas, not Israel,” Netanyahu said.

Israel faced increasing international pressure, including from the United States and France. Leaders call for increased protection for Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

The number of Palestinians killed in bombings in the coastal enclave over the past five weeks has surpassed 11,000, according to Gaza health officials, as Israeli forces wage war against Hamas militants who went on a deadly rampage in southern Israel on October 7.

Macron: In fact, civilians are being bombed

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“We share with Israel its pain and we share its desire to free itself from terrorism and to defend itself, but in fact today it is civilians who are being bombed. These children, these women, these elderly people are being bombed and killed,” Macron said in an interview BBC.

“There is no justification and no legitimacy for such actions. We call on Israel to stop them,” said the French president.

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Emmanuel Macron PAP/EPA

Macron emphasized that “the fight against terrorism should be conducted in accordance with the principles of the law of war and international humanitarian law because it is conducted by a democratic state.”

Macron called for a ceasefire in Israel’s war with Hamas and expressed hope that other countries, including United States and Great Britain will join his appeal.

Blinken: Too many Palestinians have been killed

The US Secretary of State spoke in a similar tone Antony Blinken. – Far too many Palestinians have been killed. Far too many have suffered in the past as a result of weeks, he said during a conversation with journalists on Friday Indiawhere he is visiting.

Blinken also confirmed US support for the Israeli army. He wants assurances that Gaza will no longer be used “as a platform for inciting terrorism.”

Israeli Prime Minister: The world should condemn Hamas, not Israel

In response, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu declared that “the world should condemn Hamas, not Israel, because Hamas attacked, killing civilians and taking hostages.”

Netanyahu stressed that Israel “is making every effort to spare the civilian population, but they are used by Hamas as human shields.”

“The crimes that Hamas is committing in Gaza today will be committed tomorrow in Paris, New York and everywhere in the world,” Netanyahu said.

Main photo source: MOHAMMED SABER/PAP/EPA

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