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Apartments for rent. Increasingly higher prices

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Renting apartments, i.e. driving without a handicap. Students return to universities, looking for housing, and collide with high prices. Offers are expensive, demand is high and the interests of tenants and landlords are often conflicting. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Julia Rogalka from Siedlce has just come to Gdańsk to study, for now she will live in a dormitory. She tried to rent an apartment but failed. – It was an unpleasant experience. They often cheat when it comes to housing stocks. The search was so hard that the dormitory remained my option – he says.

Housing prices soared

While there are 1.2 million students in Poland, they can use the dormitory, the working people have no choice, so they pay and cry. The market is coming out of the covid hole and with a bang. Prices skyrocketed. – They have returned to pre-pandemic prices when it comes to large centers, and even increased for some owners – notes Jacek Kusiak, president of the Mieszkanicznik association.


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Much depends on the location, but in some cases it is even more than half the price. – If someone sees the rates, he can catch his head, because where we paid 2.5 thousand zlotys a few years ago, today you have to pay 4 thousand zlotys. This is, of course, a gulf – emphasizes Marcin Krasoń, real estate expert.

Apartment rental prices in Poland are risingTVN24

The increase in real estate prices has the greatest impact on rental prices. – An investor who buys an apartment for rent simply calculates and here exel wins – says Marcin Krasoń.

But when the exel wins, many other things don’t matter. – Flats are sometimes literally cubicles, claustrophobic rooms, smaller than a broom closet for the price of a normal flat – says a student from Gdańsk, Julia Górka.

Low standard and expensive

The activist of Action Restart from Wrocław, Patryk Spaliński recently announced an advertisement for a flat for PLN 1,200 with an area of ​​12 square meters. There are more similar offers. – The toilet is right next to the shower and right next to the burners in the kitchen, which for me is the perfect proof that the housing situation in Poland is simply tragic – he admits.

– This is a small percentage, but it is and it would be nice if the state regulated the market so that this type of pathology would not take place – says Marcin Krasoń. There is something else that changes this market a lot. The increasingly popular short-term rental, which replaces hotel rooms, is an opportunity for property owners to profit faster.

Investment funds often buy whole new blocks from developers in order to earn money later on renting flats. – Then we have these apartments of a certain standard and we know what will happen in this apartment, what we can count on, there is a transparent agreement, rules regarding rents. This pushes such stalemate out of the market – adds Marcin Krasoń.

The problem is that this is how real estate prices are driven and, consequently, also rental prices.

Author:Sylwia Piestrzyńska

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