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Apiary. He overturned after colliding with a moose. There were four other people in the car, including two children

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A 33-year-old driver in Pasieka (lubelskie province) fell into a ditch and overturned. Moments earlier, he had collided with a moose. There were four other people in the car, including two children. An ambulance was dispatched to the site. Fortunately, nothing serious happened. The animal also survived.

On Tuesday (April 11), a few minutes after 3 p.m., the police received a report that a vehicle had rolled over on the provincial road in Pasieka in the Parczew district.

“The preliminary findings of the policemen show that the driver of a Toyota passenger car with a trailer, a 33-year-old resident of the Sosnowica commune, collided with an elk that suddenly ran out onto the road directly under the oncoming car” – informs in the message Staff Sergeant Ewelina Semeniuk from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Parczew.

The car landed in a ditch and overturned KPP Parczew

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He lost control of the car and landed in a ditch

The driver applied the brakes but lost control of the vehicle. It then veered into a roadside ditch, overturning the vehicle onto its roof.

Four other people were traveling with him: two adults and two children aged three and five.

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Nothing happened to anyone. The animal survived

“Until the arrival of the services, they managed to leave the vehicle on their own. Fortunately, no one was injured – after the examination, everyone was released home” – emphasizes the policewoman.

An air ambulance helicopter also arrivedTSO Sosnowica

Nothing happened to the animal, which got up and walked away into the forest.

A breathalyzer test showed the driver was intoxicated. The uniforms seized the vehicle’s registration document, and the perpetrator of the collision was fined for not adjusting the speed to the conditions on the road – tells us Sgt. pcs. Semeniuk.

Two children were traveling in the car TSO Sosnowica

Two fire brigade hosts from PSP Parczew and one host from TSO Sosnowica and TSO Jasionka were also called to the site. An air ambulance helicopter also arrived.

Main photo source: KPP Parczew

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