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Appeal of Navalny’s wife. “Are you even human?”

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The wife of imprisoned Alexei Navalny appealed to prison staff on Wednesday to provide him with basic medicines. “What is going on in your head, how do you live, enjoying that you deliberately infected a person and do not treat him or give him drugs?” she wrote on social media. Supporters of the Russian opposition leader fear for his life.

Supporters Alexei Navalny reported that a 46-year-old imprisoned Russian oppositionist was placed on December 31 in a cramped, solitary cell for 15 days. This is his tenth time in solitary confinement in five months. He was sent there for offenses such as washing his face at the wrong time or not buttoning his prison uniform.

According to sources close to Navalny, an influenza epidemic has broken out in the penal colony where he is kept. The oppositionist has a high fever and a cough. He wrote on social media this week through his lawyers that the prison authorities deliberately infected him by placing a sick man next to him as a “bacteriological weapon”.

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“Navalny looks exhausted. He is really sick and the penal colony is denying him the most basic and necessary medicines. They are just slowly killing him in prison,” his associate Lyubov Sobol wrote on Twitter.

Appeal of Navalny’s wife. “Are you even human?”

His wife Julia made an appeal to the prison authorities via Instagram.

“Are you people at all? When you come home from work, your parents and children are waiting for you. What is going on in your head, how do you live, rejoicing that you intentionally infected a person and do not treat him or give him drugs?” she wrote. “Leave him alone for at least a few days and give him basic medicine,” she added.

The Russian Federal Prison Service (FSIN) did not respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Navalny’s supporters reported that a court hearing on his conditions in prison was held on Wednesday, although the oppositionist asked for it to be postponed due to illness. The outcome of the proceedings – as Reuters wrote – was not clear.

Alexei Navalny in a penal colony

Russian oppositionist and Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was arrested in January 2021 after returning to Russia from Germany, where he was treated after an attempted poisoning. According to the politician, the attempt on his life was organized by the Russian special services.

In February 2021, the court suspended the oppositionist’s previous prison sentence for alleged financial fraud. In March 2022, Navalny received another sentence – nine years in a maximum security penal colony on charges of embezzlement and contempt of court. On May 31, the politician was charged in another case, concerning “creating an extremist organization”, while in October, “promoting terrorism” and “rehabilitating Nazism” were added to the list of charges.

At the end of December 2022, Navalny accused the Russian authorities of implementing a strategy to worsen his health. He signaled that he was experiencing increasing pain in the spine caused by frequent stays in solitary confinement, where he was unable to move normally.

According to Navalny’s lawyers, he could face up to 30 years in prison.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA

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