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Monday, June 24, 2024

Appeal of the Military Medical Institute after the death of a soldier

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“During the care of the wounded soldier, all intended and performed medical procedures were carried out without the slightest error,” the Military Medical Institute said on Friday. He appealed for “restraint and common sense in formulating unethical and factually inconsistent statements.”

On Thursday, the General Command of the Armed Forces reported the death of a soldier who was stabbed at the end of May by one of the men who, in a group, tried to breach the steel barrier on the border with Belarus.

The Military Institute of Medicine published a statement about the deceased soldier on Friday.

“While caring for the wounded soldier, all intended and performed medical procedures were carried out without the slightest failure as to their quality and timeliness. By saving his life and health, we saved one of our own” – emphasized WIM.

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A call for “restraint and common sense”

The Institute appealed to “the public to exercise restraint and common sense when formulating statements that are unethical and contrary to the facts.” “The insinuations and slander appearing in the public space are unjustified, harmful and detrimental to the honor of soldiers as well as the professionalism and commitment of employees and the good name of the Institute,” noted the Military Institute of Medicine.

“At the same time, we would like to thank you for your expressions of solidarity and support. One of us has passed away!” – added in the statement.

Extended WIM statement

On Friday afternoon, the Military Institute of Medicine published an extended version of the statement in which “once again” it appeals for caution.

“On June 4, 2024, immediately after the injured person arrived at the Military Medical Institute – National Research Institute at 1 p.m., the existing diagnostics were supplemented with a number of clinical tests and studies included in national and international standards and guidelines, including those assessing brain function. As a result, on June 6, 2024 At 2 p.m. the patient's brain death was confirmed, which is tantamount to a legal declaration of his death,” we read.

“Then this information was provided to the family in a dignified manner by the Director of the facility, the Brigade Commander and the Head of the Intensive Care Unit. It was then made available to the Operational Center of the Ministry of National Defense, and from there to the public,” it was reported.

“During the entire patient's stay at WIM-PIB, authorized persons were kept informed about the patient's health condition, and the relatives were provided with the required psychological support” – it was emphasized.

After the attack on the soldier, Prime Minister Tusk announced: creation of an additional buffer zone at the border with Belarus. Ministry of Interior and Administration is working on a regulation to regulate this issue. The regulations were supposed to come into force on June 4, but due to consultations, among others, with local governments – this date has been postponed.

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Main photo source: Albert Zawada/PAP

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