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apple tree. He ran a red light into the intersection. Fines and penalty points for the driver. Recording

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Instead of stopping at a red light, the driver of the silver Nissan keeps going. He is centimeters away from a collision with a car crossing the intersection correctly. A dangerous situation on the road in Jabłonna near Warsaw was recorded by the camera of the Automatic Traffic Surveillance Center. The irresponsible driver paid for his behavior with a ticket and penalty points.

One of the intersections in Jabłonna. The roadway is almost empty, and the traffic light is red for cars going straight. A black passenger car is moving in one of the three lanes. It should stop, but it doesn’t. He is centimeters away from colliding with a silver car approaching correctly from his right. It ended up being nerves. Both drivers stopped their vehicles in time.

Half a thousand fines and 15 penalty points

The recording was recorded by the camera of the Automatic Road Traffic Surveillance Center. A video of the driver’s irresponsible behavior was posted on social media. “There was almost a collision. Fortunately, the rally of the Nissan driver at a red light through the intersection in Jabłonna ended only under stress. The driver posing a threat, however, will not avoid a penalty ticket. It is PLN 500 and 15 penalty points” – we read on Facebook CANARD .

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The Center for Automatic Road Traffic Supervision (CANARD) is an organizational unit of the General Inspectorate of Road Transport. It was appointed to supervise the movement. It records speeding by drivers and non-compliance with traffic lights. This is where all the photos taken by the speed cameras come from and this is where fines are sent to drivers.

Main photo source: CANARD

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