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apple tree. He ran a red light right in front of an oncoming car. Recording

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The red light was on for half a minute, but the driver drove straight in front of the oncoming car. There was a collision. The situation at one of the intersections in Jabłonna was captured by the camera of the Automatic Traffic Surveillance Center.

Intersection in Jabłonna, and more specifically a roundabout with traffic lights. The white Toyota, despite the red light, does not stop, there is a collision with the driver who is driving correctly.

The situation happened at the intersection in JabłonnaCANARD

Red for half a minute

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“The light was on for half a minute, but the driver of the Toyota entered the intersection” – describes CANARD in social media, whose system registered the driver’s dangerous driving. The shared recording shows how the Toyota has no chance to avoid a collision with a car driving correctly from the left. The car veers to the right as a result of the collision. The recording ends with the driver already driving slowly in the same direction as the driver with whom he collided.

The situation happened at the intersection in JabłonnaCANARD

“Now, in addition to the driver’s ticket, a visit to the workshop awaits” – we read in the post.

The purpose of CANARD’s operation is to increase the level of safety in road traffic. By implementing an effective system of automatic traffic supervision, CANARD reveals violations of regulations in the field of exceeding the set speed limits by drivers and non-compliance with traffic lights. “Automatic supervision of road traffic is carried out using stationary devices, sectional speed measurementred light monitoring, mobile devices.

Main photo source: CANARD

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