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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Apple will update iPhone 12 software to include French radiation test results

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Apple announced on Tuesday that it intends to meet the requirements of French regulators regarding the radiation of iPhone 12 models, reports Reuters. The company announced the introduction of an appropriate update.

In September, the French regulator – the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) – withdrew the iPhone 12 camera from sale due to exceeding the permissible values ​​of electromagnetic waves emitted and absorbed by the human body. Apple announced that it disputes the results of the ANFR review.

According to ANFR, iPhone 12 exceeds the legal limit for the energy that the human body can absorb when the phone is held in the hand by 1.74 W per kilogram (W/kg).

Apple explains

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According to Reuters, on Tuesday Apple published a broader explanation than before regarding the reservations of the French regulator.

A post published on Apple’s website highlighted that for more than a decade, iPhones have included sensors that allow the phone to detect when it is near a user’s body to keep transmission levels lower. When the phone is not near your body – for example, when it is placed on a table – the device uses slightly higher transmission power levels.

According to Apple, ANFR did not take this feature into account in its decision. Despite this, Apple decided to introduce a software update to iPhone 12 models. It is to disable the body detection technology. The phone is also to be kept at lower transmission power levels at all times.

“We want all iPhone 12 users to know that this model is safe and always has been. iPhone 12 has received appropriate compliance certificates around the world,” the announcement emphasized.

Smartphone sales worldwide

The analysis by IDC (International Data Corporation) shows that in the second quarter of 2023, 7.8% more fewer calls than last year. A total of 265.3 million units were delivered in the period indicated.

Samsung was in first place in terms of smartphone deliveries in the second quarter – 53.5 million units (20.2 percent of market share), Apple was in second place – 42.5 million (16 percent), Xiaomi was in third place – 33.2 million (12.5%), followed by OPPO – 25.4 million (9.6%) and Transsion – 25.3 million (9.5%). The remaining producers delivered 85.4 million units (32.3%).

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