Arabian Sea. Navy SEALs in action. Seized weapons from Iran for Houthis in Yemen


US special forces carried out an operation in the waters of the Arabian Sea and seized weapons flowing from Iran to the Houthis in Yemen. Two commandos were lost during the action. The search for them continues.

United States Central Command (CENTCOM) reported on Tuesday that on January 11, Americans operating from the USS Lewis B. Puller captured the waters of the Arabian Sea near Somalia delivery of weapons from Iran for Yemeni ones Houthi fighterswho have been attacking merchant ships in the Red Sea since last fall.

Naval Special Operations Forces USA, supported by helicopters and drones, boarded a boat carrying components used in the production of Iranian ballistic and cruise missiles, including anti-ship missiles. After preliminary analysis, it was found that the seized weapons components are identical to those used in the missiles used by the Houthi to shoot at ships, the CENTCOM statement reads.

As it was emphasized, this was the first case of the seizure of technologically advanced lethal weapons from Iran, intended for the Houthis, since the group began attacking civilian ships at the end of 2023. In addition, for the first time since 2019, components for Iranian ballistic and cruise missiles were seized.

CENTCOM added that the boat was sunk because it was considered a “dangerous” object. The crew of this vessel, consisting of 14 people, will be treated “in accordance with international law”.

During the operation, contact was lost with two American commandos, who were subsequently considered missing, we read in a statement from the command.

Houthi rebels in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, January 11, 2024.PAP/EPA/YAHYA ARHAB

Direct or indirect supplies, as well as sales of weapons to Houthi fighters from Yemen these are actions that violate, among others, resolution of the UN Security Council, CENTCOM emphasized.

Since November 2023, the Houthis have repeatedly attacked ships in the waters surrounding Yemen, mainly in the Red Sea, claiming that they are supporting the activities of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas and its fight against Israel in the Gaza Strip. However, it often turned out that they fired at units that had no connections with Israel. In response to attacks that threaten maritime transport, American and British troops have been conducting attacks on Houthi targets in Yemen since January 12.

Civil war in YemenPAP

Main photo source: US Navy photo by Seaman Jamesha Walden

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