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Are you going to the Tatra Mountains or Bieszczady Mountains? Be careful on the border with Slovakia, you will be fined for crossing it

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Controls on the Polish-Slovak border have been temporarily reintroduced. You can get from Poland to Slovakia and vice versa at designated points. The Border Guard points out that crossing the border with Slovakia in the Tatra Mountains is illegal and may cost PLN 500.

Decision to introduce temporary controls at the border with Slovakia and closing some crossings to car traffic was introduced in accordance with the procedure in Schengen zone for 10 days, until October 13, but will most likely be extended. Its aim is to counteract illegal migration from the Balkan route. Checks are carried out only at the entrance to Poland, and the border can only be crossed in designated places.

Along the entire section, the border with Slovakia can be crossed through 8 road and 3 railway crossings and 11 pedestrian crossings. You are not allowed to cross the border in tourist places, e.g. on mountain trails in the Tatra Mountains.

Checks were temporarily introduced at the border with Slovakia. Report by a TVN24 reportertvn24

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If you cross the border in the mountains, you will pay a fine

In the province By car in Lesser Poland, you can cross the border in the following towns: Chyżne, Muszyna, Piwniczna-Zdrój and Jurgów. Pedestrian traffic is allowed in the following towns: Konieczna, Leluchów, Niedzica, Łysa Polana, Chochołów and Winiarczykówka. This means that two border crossings under the Tatra Mountains – at Łysa Polana and Chochołów – have been completely closed to car traffic.

Major Dorota Kądziołka, spokeswoman for the Carpathian Border Guard Unit, informs that crossing the Polish-Slovak border in places not designated for this purpose will be considered illegal crossing of the border, also in the mountains.

– If a tourist trail runs in a mountainous region and there is no designated point for crossing the border there, in accordance with the regulation, each crossing of such a trail will be considered illegal crossing of the border – points out Major Kądziołka.

He adds that illegally crossing the border is an offense for which the border guard may impose a fine of up to PLN 500. – We usually start with an instruction, because life situations vary, but we can also impose financial penalties for breaking applicable regulations – he says.

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Take your ID card or passport to the mountains

Major Kądziołka also reminds that while the new regulations are in force, every tourist should have an ID card or passport with him.

– We appeal to you to follow the current regulations, do not cross the border in unauthorized places and have your documents with you – concludes our interlocutor.

As we heard in the Tatra National Park, all tourist trails in the Tatra Mountains are open and open to tourists. It is similar in the Bieszczady Mountains.

The border guard will control the border stationarily, at designated points and mobilely, together with the police and army.

Main photo source: PAP/Grzegorz Momot

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