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Argentina. Pregnant Russian women flock to give birth en masse

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Nearly 6,000 pregnant Russian women have arrived in Argentina in the past three months, including 33 on a single flight on Thursday, local officials said. In total, six Russian women were refused entry to the country on Wednesday and Thursday. The phenomenon of young Russians coming to Argentina, especially pregnant women, intensified after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

According to the national migration office, all female citizens Russiawho have recently arrived Argentinawere in the last weeks of pregnancy.

In turn, the head of the Argentine Migration Office, Florencia Carignano, said that the institution she headed refused entry to the country on Wednesday and Thursday to six pregnant Russian women.

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“Of the 33 women who arrived in the Argentine capital on a single flight on Thursday, three were detained due to problems with their documentation, joining three more who arrived the previous day,” she said.

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“We deny entry to our country to people who come here only to obtain a passport and leave,” Carignano explained, noting that Argentina has visa-free travel with 171 countries in the world.

The Argentine authorities, she added, do not want to undermine the credibility of their passports, which, in her opinion, can lead to situations such as the detention of alleged Russian spies in Slovenia holding Argentine passports.

“Birth tourism” of Russian women

The phenomenon of young Russians arriving in Argentina, especially pregnant women, intensified after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. In 2022, 21.7 thousand arrived in Argentina. Russians, including 10.5 thousand. pregnant.

“In the last three months alone, 5,819 Russian women came to Argentina to give birth to a child,” a Buenos Aires official said.

”Birth tourism” by Russian nationals who come to Argentina appears to be a lucrative and well-established practice.

From “economy class” to “first class”. How to give birth in Argentina?

The British broadcaster also investigated a Russian-language website that, according to the BBC, offers various packages for mothers-to-be who want to give birth in Argentina. The website advertises services such as personalized birth plans, airport pick-ups, Spanish lessons and discounts on stays at “the best hospitals in the Argentine capital”.

Package prices range from “Economy Class”, where the price starts at $5,000, to “First Class”, where you have to pay as low as $15,000 or more. The website claims its founder has been facilitating birth tourism and offering migrant support since 2015, and the company that operates it claims to be “100 percent Argentinian.”

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