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Argentina. The maned pampas monkey has returned to the wild

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The Pampas moth has been released back into the wild in Argentina. The animal was found in an Argentine city in December last year, where it was wandering the streets. Naturalists explained that due to climate change and habitat destruction, these animals are forced to look for new territories.

Argentine conservationists released the maned pampas monkey into the wild (Chrysocyon brachyurus), also known as the maned wolf. This rare species from the dog family inhabits the pampas, i.e. South American steppes, swampy areas and riverine areas from southern Brazil to Paraguay.

He wandered around the city

The animal came under the care of the Temaiken foundation, which deals with the protection of wild species, in December. The young male was wandering around the city of Olavarria in Buenos Aires province. Activists captured the animal and transported it to a specialized center where its health condition was assessed and it was ensured that it would be able to survive in natural conditions.

The Pampas monkey was finally released into the wild on Thursday in the Parana River Delta area, where other specimens of the species had previously been seen. To continue monitoring the individual, experts from the foundation placed a satellite collar around its neck and installed more camera traps in the area.

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– We use various devices, such as camera traps, thanks to which we can see and record all its behavior during the day and at night – said Guillermo Delfino, a representative of the foundation.

Releasing the pampas monkey into the wildReuters

Forced migration

The crested frog is an elusive inhabitant of steppe areas. Although it somewhat resembles a fox on stilts, it is relatively distantly related to other canids. Its natural habitat is in the hot north-eastern part of the country, but it appears more and more often in the drier and cooler south.

“We observe this phenomenon in many species of large vertebrates,” said Marcela Orozco from the University of Buenos Aires. – It is closely related to climate change, deforestation, environmental degradation and massive use of natural resources. In such a situation, animals are forced to migrate, she explained.

Releasing the pampas monkey into the wildReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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