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Argentina. The remains of a man in the body of a shark – the tattoo allowed for identification

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The remains of a man who had been missing for more than a week have been found in the belly of a shark. The family of the 32-year-old Argentine identified him from a piece of his arm with a tattoo. However, the shark itself did not directly lead to the death of the man – the police are investigating the case.

On Sunday, two Argentinian fishermen went fishing near the town of Caleta Olivia. They managed to catch three gray sharks (Galeorhinus galeus) – small, common sharks, which are often caught for their tasty meat. However, when the fishermen began processing the caught fish, inside one of them they made a macabre discovery – inside they found fragments of a human forearm still covered with tattooed skin.

Missing for over a week

The remains were handed over to the police, and officers quickly linked them to the case of the missing Diego Barria. A 32-year-old city resident, Comodoro Rivadavia, went missing on Saturday, February 18, while on an off-road quad trip alone. The smashed vehicle and destroyed helmet were found on a beach near his hometown, but the man himself has been lost. From then on, the search continued, which ended only with the discovery of fishermen. The family recognized Barria from a surviving tattoo.

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Cristian Ansaldo, a local police official, said that while recognizing the remains by the family is an important part of the investigation, a DNA test will also be carried out to be sure. “The police and the prosecutor’s office must complete scientific procedures” – he added. The search for more remains of the man in water and on land is currently underway.

Gray shark (Galeorhinus galeus) – pic. illustrativeAdobe Stock

Argentina. Mysterious death

As Ansaldo points out, the police want to find out how Barria ended up in the water and how it is possible that he was eaten by a shark. The main hypothesis is that while riding an ATV on the beach, a man collided with a rock and died in the accident, his body being swallowed by the ocean. The remains may have been of interest to gray sharks, which feed on fish and invertebrates on a daily basis.

“We intend to address all possible hypotheses with the evidence found at the scene,” the police officer explained. “We will also examine the damaged vehicle to determine how the accident happened.”

“My heart went with you! I love you forever,” Barria’s wife wrote on social media after hearing the news. The 32-year-old fathered three children.

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