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Arkadiusz Osiak is dead. The founder and long-time president of Money was 49 years old

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Arkadiusz Osiak, the founder and long-time president of Money, is dead – the website reported. Osiak was 49 years old. Information about Arkadiusz Osiak's death appeared on Tuesday evening.

Arkadiusz Osiak, as a 22-year-old, created the Virtual Economic Service in 1997. In 2000, together with his partner and wife Anna, he founded Money.pl.

“He wanted to reach people who were interested in finances”

– He wanted to reach people who are interested in finance, but do not necessarily work in this industry. He wanted to educate and explain. He was impartial because politics was never the most important thing for him – recalls Aleksander Kusz, a long-time employee of Money.pl and currently VP of Wirtualna Polska Holding, quoted by the website.

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Arkadiusz OsiakBorys Niespielak/Forum

In 2000, the first investor appeared in the company. However, the company began to make losses.

To save Money.pl, Osiak sold another part of the shares. In 2002, he became the company's president and started reorganizing its structure. In 2002, the company became profitable and grew into a group consisting of several companies and employing 160 people.

In 2006, the German publishing house Handelsblatt bought most of the group's shares, but Arkadiusz Osiak retained 30 percent. companies. In 2014, the group was taken over by Wirtualna Polska, and Osiak withdrew from Money.pl.

Main photo source: Borys Niespielak/Forum

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