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Armenia. A blow to Russia. The Prime Minister wants the country to join the European Union

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Nikol Pashinyan is one of the special guests of the 6th Democracy Summitwhich takes place in the capital Denmark Copenhagen. The event is devoted to global security, in particular armed attack Russia w Ukraine and the consequences of these events for Europe.

During the Prime Minister's live broadcast conversation Armenia with one of the journalists, a question was asked about the country's future in international alliances. Earlier, government representatives in Yerevan announced several times their willingness to make significant changes in foreign policy, including: political and economic rapprochement with the countries of Western Europe.

Prime Minister Pashinyan, responding, clearly stated that Armenia plans to join European Union.

In which year? This year! – he emphasized.

The politician's declaration may mean the need for urgent action on Yerevan's part. At the end of March, the speaker of the country's parliament, Alen Simonyan, told journalists that the authorities “are not discussing the issue of EU membership at this stage.”

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At the same time European parliament adopted a resolution supporting the possibility of Armenia applying for the status of a candidate country for the European Unionas well as calling for support for the authorities in Yerevan's efforts to expand cooperation with Brussels institutions.

Armenia turns away from Russia. Outrage in Moscow

Yerevan's rapprochement with the European Union has been the subject of sharp discussion for several months criticism from Russian politicians. There is no shortage of harsh opinions in the media regarding the policy of the local authorities and Nikola Pashinyan himself.

According to the head of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma, Leonid Slutsky, the Prime Minister of Armenia is pursuing the same policy as Ukraine before the outbreak of the special military operation (a propaganda term for the war in Ukraine – ed.).

– Paszynian is leading Yerevan down the Ukrainian path, and this is becoming more and more obvious as the Armenia-US-EU format develops. Against the background of Kiev's failures in the proxy war of the collective West, Washington and Brussels they are looking for a new anti-Russian “testing ground”. Apparently, the views of Westerners began to focus more and more on first Moldovaand then in Armenia, he said.

A similar opinion was expressed in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

“Irresponsible and destructive interference of supra-regional forces in the affairs of the South Caucasus, willingness driving a wedge between the countries of the region and their neighbors may have the most negative consequences for the stability, security and economic development in the region. They thus cause the emergence of new dividing lines and an uncontrolled increase in tension,” it was written.

“We call on the leaders in Yerevan to… they did not allow the West to deceive themselves and lead the country down the wrong pathfraught with the emergence of a security vacuum, serious economic problems and population outflow,” it added.

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