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Armenia. Protests in Armenia. Leader announces “intense fighting”

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Since May 9, protests have been going on in Republic Square in Yerevan and in other regions of the country protests of citizens dissatisfied with the policies of the government of Prime Minister Nikola Pashinyan. Demonstrators are demanding his immediate resignation after he reached an agreement with the Baku authorities on the matter transfer of part of the border territories.

He is the person leading the protests abp Bagrat Galstanyan. According to the clergyman, the authorities “ignored the legal and legislative justifications of specialists, facts, moral principles and the general opposition expressed by citizens.”

– They act against the norms of the constitution, law, identity, morality and logic. In this sense, there was a need not to combat the effects, but to directly eliminate the causes (…) It has become an urgent necessity to put down this government with all its lawlessness and start a new life in our country. This is a whole chain of bleeding that must be stopped, he said during one of the demonstrations.

Protests are also organized in settlements directly affected by the border agreement. The demonstrators blocked, among other things, the national road in the village of Kirants. As they emphasize, according to the arrangements of the authorities in Yerevan and Baku, the town will be divided. Two houses, a bridge, 50 plots of land and a section of road will be officially incorporated into the territory Azerbaijan.

Protests in Armenia. The protest leader calls for action

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According to Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, even though the Armenian authorities do not react to further protests, they should not be stopped. The priest of the Armenian Apostolic Church announced that will urge citizens to “fight intensely” to overthrow Nikola Pashinyan.

– During the upcoming meeting, the day, time and place of which I will announce soon, we will present a road map (action plan – ed.), after which an intense fight will begin, which will will lead us to the desired result – he said.

However, in a conversation with local journalists, Galstanyan did not want to reveal the details of his actions. He also did not respond to questions regarding the clarification of the term “intense combat”.

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