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Army. Abrams tanks for Poland. On Wednesday, Minister Mariusz Błaszczak will approve the purchase agreement

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On Wednesday, the Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak will approve a contract for the supply of 116 Abrams tanks to the Polish Army. The total value of the contract is USD 1.4 billion net, the ministry said.

The contract, which is expected to be approved on Wednesday, provides for the delivery of 116 M1A1 Abrams tanks to the Polish Armed Forces Polish armyalong with accompanying equipment including 12 M88A2 Hercules recovery vehicles, 8 M1074 Joint Assault Bridges, 6 M577 command vehicles and 26 NG SECM workshops.

According to the Ministry of National Defense, the logistics package also includes a stock of spare and consumable parts. The training package includes comprehensive training for instructors, crews and technical staff.

“The contract is the first stage of the project, which also includes a significant number of modern types of combat ammunition, as well as training ammunition, in accordance with the maximum scope of the contract approved by the US Congress” – informed the Ministry of National Defense.

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Abrams tanksUS Marine Corps Photo by Cpl. Sara A. Medina, III MEF Combat Camera/Released

The value of the contract is USD 1.4 billion

The ministry said that the total value of the contract is USD 1.4 billion net, of which nearly USD 200 million is financed by the American side as part of the aid funds granted to Poland. Deliveries of tanks and equipment are expected to start this year and end by the end of 2024.

At the end of April 2022, Poland as part of armament deliveries to Ukraine donated more than 240 modified T-72 tanks. The head of the Ministry of National Defense informed in Julythat Poland agreed with USA a contract for the purchase of 116 used Abrams tanks, which will complement the equipment of the Polish Armed Forces.

The ordered tanks will become part of the equipment of the 18th Mechanized Division, which includes, among others, 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade. The units of the division are deployed in the eastern part of the country – e.g. Lublin, Rzeszów, Sitaniec near Zamość or Nowa Dęba in Podkarpacie. The command of the unit is located in Siedlce.

Abrams tankUS Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Brendan Mullin

The 18th Division will also be equipped with 250 Abrams tanks in the newer SEPv3 version ordered in April 2022, which are to be delivered in 2025-2026. These tanks were ordered for USD 4.75 billion, including associated equipment and ammunition.

“If possible, the delivery dates of the first vehicles will be accelerated. In 2022, on the basis of a separate agreement, the United States Army moved 28 M1A2 SEP v.2 Abrams tanks to Poland, together with instructors for training Polish crews, as part of the Abrams Academy, launched at the Training Center of the Land Forces in Poznań,” the Ministry of National Defense noted in the statement.

Main photo source: US Marine Corps Photo by Cpl. Sara A. Medina, III MEF Combat Camera/Released

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