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Arrows in Poznan. There are preliminary autopsy results on the victim and attacker

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Autopsies on the bodies of two men who died on Sunday in Poznań have been completed, RMF FM radio reported. According to the experts, the cause of death of the victim was gunshot wounds to the head, and the attacker – “a shot fired from the touchdown to the head”. According to the police, the motive for the crime was heartbreak.

On Sunday afternoon in the center of Poznań, the 29-year-old shot the 30-year-old with a handgun, then shot himself. They’re both dead. The police said on Monday that the most likely motive was heartbreak. The tragedy happened in front of the victim’s fiancée, the perpetrator’s ex-girlfriend.

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Preliminary autopsy results after the tragedy in Poznań

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Radio RMF FM reported on Tuesday that the autopsy of both men had been completed. The experts ruled that the cause of death of the 30-year-old was to be gunshot wounds to the face. As the prosecutor’s office told journalists, in the case of the attacker, the cause of death was “a shot fired at the head”.

The investigation in this case is conducted by the Poznań-Stare Miasto District Prosecutor’s Office.

Tragedy in Poznań

The incident took place in the garden of the restaurant in front of the hotel on Święty Marcin Street. According to witnesses’ accounts and recordings of the event, the man approached the table where the couple was sitting, shot a 30-year-old man sitting at the table, and shortly afterwards shot himself. One of the men died on the spot, the other – in the hospital.

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The relatives of the shot 30-year-old man reported on Monday on social media that he was sitting at the table with his fiancée.

Arrows in Poznań KWP Poznań

In a statement sent to us, the deputy district prosecutor, Joanna Gosieniecka, said that the Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań-Stare Miasto in Poznań is supervising two investigations “on murder and suicide”. She added that “the course of events, including the origin of the weapons and the perpetrator’s motives, are currently being established.”

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A spokesman for the Wielkopolska police emphasized that the perpetrator had a permit to possess weapons for sporting and collecting purposes since 2018.

– At the beginning of 2022, the former girlfriend of the 29-year-old heard from him during one of the conversations that he would do something to himself – it was after their breakup. She informed the police officers from Poznań about these words. The officers found the man and took him to the hospital, Borowiak said

After the man left the hospital, The police wanted to strip him of his gun license. However, they had to give them back to him – along with the confiscated weapons – after he appealed the command’s decision.

Main photo source: TVN24

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