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Artificial intelligence – according to experts, the development of AI cannot be left only to private companies

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is too important a topic to be left to regulations related to it in the hands of private companies – noted Jules Polonetsky, an expert on new technologies and head of the Future of Privacy Forum. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) specialist Audrey Plonk said that “rules that respect human rights are necessary”.

During the Cyber ​​Week conference in Tel-Aviv, PAP talked to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence experts.

– These are decisions (related to the development of artificial intelligence – ed.) that affect human life, democracy and discrimination, which is why in democratic societies we need regulations on how we want to deal with challenges related to artificial intelligence – emphasized Polonetsky.

“Artificial intelligence will inevitably change the world of work”

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Commenting on the decision of the Italian authorities, which in March decided to temporarily block ChatGPT, Polonetsky said that when introducing new technologies, you must always ensure that we have appropriate safeguards, e.g. when using these technologies by minors.

– Artificial intelligence will inevitably change the world of work and will affect all of us and all sectors of the economy. That is why we need rules that take into account the basic issues related to this technology human rights Plonk pointed out.

Generative AI and other forms of artificial intelligence

While generative AI, exemplified by ChatGPT and large language models, has captured the public imagination, other forms of AI are already being deployed in military, cyber, healthcare, and research organizations.

When asked about the sense of appeals to stop work on artificial intelligence, Plonk said that initiatives such as the letter signed in March by hundreds of businessmen, investors and AI experts, including Elon Musk demanding at least a six-month break in the development of artificial intelligence systems are rather a signal that we need regulations regarding this technology.

“People are worried they can’t keep up with the new technology,” Plonk said.

At the same time, she pointed out that suspending work on a new technology or banning it is not a reasonable idea, especially when, for example, communist China invest billions in the development of artificial intelligence.

– It’s hard for me to imagine how we would stop this development. We just need rules based on democratic values,’ Plonk said, adding: ‘If we stop working, China will not stop working on it.

“Everyone will use artificial intelligence”

The expert pointed out that artificial intelligence will affect “all sectors of the economy” and that if in the past less qualified employees were at risk of losing their jobs because certain processes were automated, this may now apply to, for example, lawyers, journalists or IT specialists.

– At the same time, we know that this technology will create new jobs. Everyone will use artificial intelligence – assessed Plonk.

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