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Artificial Intelligence. AI. Aleksander Mądry of Open AI: The Revolution Has Already Begun

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– Artificial intelligence is a highway to progress. It would be stupid not to take this highway. And it is happening – believes Professor Aleksander Mądry from Open AI. In his opinion, every country that wants to be counted should have a development strategy in this area.

Aleksander Mądry is a professor of computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Head of the Readiness Department at OpenAI (the company that developed ChatGPT). He is responsible for preparing responses to potential unwanted effects of the development of artificial intelligence. On Monday, the expert was a guest at the OpenAI meeting at the University of Warsaw, during which they discussed how artificial intelligence will push the boundaries of science. He was asked, among other things, about state policy related to the development of AI. – Every country should have a strategy for AI if it wants to be important economically and culturally – he replied.

AI is a technology that will “change everything”

According to Mądry, AI should be treated in politics with more or less the same seriousness as, for example, defense issues. Meanwhile, as he pointed out, there is only one country that has a minister for AI – this United Arab Emirateswhich are already wondering what to do when the oil runs out. He added that France and Great Britain are timidly investing in the development of AI. – And the rest of Europe? I am not impressed. This should change – he assessed. – I would like governments to wake up, society to wake up. AI is a technology that will change everything. We have to think and act to make sure that the direction that this technology will take will be what we want it to be, not what will happen – said Prof. Mądry and added that he still does not feel that the seriousness of this situation is understood. The scientist would like to see AI also discussed in the Polish debate.

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– AI is not “some” technology. It is a technology that accelerates all other technologies and science. And if we think about the development of humanity, science has always been the greatest factor that led to technological development – he pointed out. – AI is a highway to faster scientific progress. It would be stupid not to take this highway. And this is what is happening: we ignore this highway – he added.

“The revolution has already begun”

Prof. Mądry pointed out that even if Open AI were to close, “the revolution has already begun.” “We live in a different world,” he said.

He pointed out that AI affects many areas of our lives – he mentioned that we use it when moving around the city, searching for news on the Internet or using some sensors in cars. Prof. Mądry was asked if he would agree to be the Polish Minister for AI. – First, I would like to have a conversation with Prime Minister Tusk on this topic – he replied half-jokingly. Dr. Piotr Sankowski, professor at the University of Warsaw, founder of IDEAS NCBR also took part in the discussion.

– Artificial intelligence is not one of many technologies. The development of this technology will have great implications for what not only defense will look like, but also science and technology. If we invest in AI, there is a chance that these technologies will accelerate. If we do not make this investment, then (…) we lose, we do not even start – he assessed.

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