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Artificial intelligence and jobs – a statement from one of the “Godfathers of AI”

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One of the three “godfathers of artificial intelligence” believes that this technology will not take over the world and deprive people of jobs forever. Professor Yann LeCun added that the fears of some experts that artificial intelligence (AI) poses a threat to humanity are “ridiculously ridiculous”.

Speaking to the BBC, Professor LeCun described the fears of some experts that artificial intelligence poses a threat to humanity as “ridiculously ridiculous”.

AI is not a threat

He acknowledged that computers will become smarter than humans, but it’s a matter of years, if not decades, and stated that “if you realize it’s not safe, you just don’t build it.”

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Professor LeCun now works as the chief AI scientist at Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. He disagrees with the other godfathers that artificial intelligence is a threat to the human race.

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Will AI take over the world? No, this is a projection of human nature onto machines, he said. He added that it would be a huge mistake to keep artificial intelligence research under lock and key.

LeCun believes that the fear of artificial intelligence comes from people who cannot imagine how it can be secured.

– It’s like asking someone in 1930 how to make a turbojet safe? Turbojet engines had not yet been invented in 1930, just as human-level artificial intelligence had not yet been invented, LeCun told the BBC, adding that “turbo jets eventually became incredibly reliable and safe” and the same will happen with artificial intelligence. .

When people raise concerns about human-level or higher-level machines that may exist in the future, they are referring to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). These are systems that, like humans, can solve a wide range of problems.

There was concern that once AGI existed, scientists “could turn on a superintelligent system that would take over the world in minutes,” he said, adding that “it’s just ridiculous.”

What will be the impact of AI on the labor market?

There are many fears and comments that artificial intelligence will replace jobs. Some companies have already stopped recruiting for certain positions.

“It won’t put many people out of work permanently,” LeCun said, pointing out that jobs will change because “we have no idea” what the most important jobs will be in 20 years.

In his opinion, intelligent computers will lead to a “new renaissance for humanity”, just like the printing press or the Internet did.

In 2018, LeCun, Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio won the prestigious Turing Award for their contributions to the development of AI and all three became known as the “Godfathers of Artificial Intelligence”.

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