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Artificial intelligence. Criminals use voice samples of loved ones. Experts warn

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There was already the “grandson” and “policeman” method. Now thieves are also using artificial intelligence for their purposes. Stealing using an artificially created but familiar voice is one way. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

A familiar number is calling, a familiar voice is heard, but it does not have to be our relative. – Criminals can take a voice sample, even from the Internet, and on its basis create sentences that the person did not say, and it actually works – says Adam Haertle from the portal trusted.pl.

Two scientists from the Rochester Institute of Technology alert that fraudsters are using artificial intelligence. For example, over $11 million was supposed to be stolen on the cybergranddaughter.

– The tool’s range is quite limited, but this will change over the months – warns Piotr Konieczny from the niebezpiecznik.pl portal.

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The easiest access is still to English speakers. Thanks to algorithms, Leonardo di Caprio can speak with his voice Kim Kardashian. Generating a voice together with a chatbot can give the illusion of a conversation. “Criminals don’t use this method because they don’t have to. It is enough for a person who has a different voice to the question to say: “Oh Grandma, because I caught a cold” – points out Adam Haertle.

Victims find it difficult to admit that they were easily defrauded even without the help of AI. In Poland, this is to be made more difficult by new regulations prepared by the government. – This solution will make it impossible to impersonate someone’s number, because it is this issue that makes these scams effective – believes the government’s representative for cybersecurity Janusz Cieszyński.

How to defend yourself against criminals?

New technologies often mean new concerns. – ChatGPT can prepare a good phishing e-mail, because there are many examples of such e-mails on the Internet – points out Piotr Konieczny.

But for seniors who have been in the crosshairs for years, crime is not new. For new fears we have old ways of fighting. – Impersonating a credible institution or person and getting upset, negative emotions and positive, this is a red light that we have been deliberately thrown off balance to turn off thinking – explains the president of the Manko Association, Łukasz Salwarowski.

– If we hear something disturbing in the handset, some disturbing story that someone is robbing our account or that something happened to one of our loved ones, it is best to hang up and call the person who contacted us – recommends Adam Haertle.

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