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Artificial intelligence. Director James Cameron warns against AI

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James Cameron said in an interview with one of the Canadian broadcasters that already in the “Terminator”, created four decades ago, he warned against artificial intelligence. The director indicated the greatest, in his opinion, threat related to the development of AI.

Cameron shared his thoughts on AI in an interview with Canada’s CTV News on July 18. In it, he referred to his film “Terminator” from the 80s, about the rebellion of artificial intelligence. – I warned you people back in 1984, but you didn’t listen to me. I think the biggest threat is the weaponization of artificial intelligence. In my opinion, we are facing the equivalent of a nuclear arms race, but with the participation of AI. If we don’t do it, others will. And then it will escalate,” he said.

Later in the conversation, Cameron had a vision of artificial intelligence entering the battlefield. “Computers would fight at a speed where humans would not be able to intervene and we would have no way to de-escalate the conflict,” the 68-year-old said.

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James Cameron on artificial intelligence in the film: “I don’t believe it will move the audience”

During the conversation, the creator of the biggest movie hits, such as “Avatar” or “Titanic”, also touched on the topic of artificial intelligence entering the film industry. Do story writers have to be afraid of AI? “Personally, I don’t believe that a disembodied mind that just repeats what other minds have said – about the lives they’ve had, about love, about lies, about fear, about mortality – and makes a word salad out of it… I don’t believe it has something that will move the audience,” he argued.

Cameron indicated that he is currently not interested in getting acquainted with the film work of artificial intelligence. – Let’s wait 20 years. If during this time the AI ​​scores Oscar for best screenplay, then you’ll have to start taking it seriously,” said the Canadian director.

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Artificial intelligence has already created film scripts in recent months. This week we wrote about the case of Danish director and screenwriter Nicolas Winding Refn, who wanted to enlist her help in creating his own script. However, the app did ideas he proposed were unacceptable and refused to help him.

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