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Artificial intelligence. Google announces Bard – Microsoft ChatGPT in the Bing browser

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In the “coming weeks”, Google will make its AI-based chatbot Bard available to its users. The device will be included in the company’s search engine and will generate a specific answer to the question asked. In turn, Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, has been associated with ChatGPT, which has been making a sensation in recent months.

Google presented its new solution on Monday, February 6. As stated in the entry on the company’s website, its CEO Sundar Pichai, in the first stage, Bard will be made available to “trusted testers”, other users will be able to access it “in the coming weeks”. The new Google tool, like the ChatGPT released by OpenAI in November last year, is based on a language model based on huge data sets. “Bard is designed to combine extensive knowledge of the world with intelligence and creativity. To provide users with the freshest and best quality answers, it will be based on information from the web,” explained Pichai.

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Google creates Barda, Bing merges with ChatGPT

The day after Google, Microsoft presented its response to the dynamic development of artificial intelligence. The technological giant will not release a new device, but will link its search engine – Bing – with the latest and most advanced version of the ChatGPT bot developed by a partner company. At the top of the search engine, we can already find the “chat” function, which is currently available to a limited number of users. After entering a question there, instead of a standard list of links, we get a specific answer generated by artificial intelligence.

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Pichai explained in his post that the new Google device will have a similar form.

– Today the race begins – so the head of Microsoft, Satya Nadela, commented on the news announced by his company and its competitor.

ChatGPT – what is it?

ChatGPT is to be a technological revolution and competition not only for industry giants, but also for representatives of many professions, often not directly related to technology. Business Insider recently published a list of 10 industriesin which the probability that artificial intelligence will replace some employees is to be the highest.

The tool released on the market by OpenAI has already shown a sample of its capabilities. The bot created news articles, song lyrics, and even a script for a short film. He also passed exams at medical studies, legal and business, also coped with the Polish matriculation exam.

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