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Artificial intelligence. In 2026, a supervisory authority is to be established in Poland

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The draft law introducing a supervisory authority over artificial intelligence will probably appear at the beginning of 2025, announced the deputy head of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Dariusz Standerski, on Tuesday. This will be one of the key bodies in the 21st century – said the deputy minister in his commentary.

The recently completed pre-consultations on the planned implementation of the Artificial Intelligence Act show that the entity supervising the AI ​​market should be a completely new body – said Dariusz Standerski, Deputy Minister of Digital Affairs, during a meeting with the media on Tuesday.

Artificial intelligence under supervision

– We share the comments received from the consultations that today no office in Poland has such tasks or statutory competences that would be in line with artificial intelligence. (…) That is why we believe that creating such a commission (an authority for the supervision of the artificial intelligence market – ed.) will be cheaper and more effective than adding new tasks to offices that today often deal with completely different things – he noted at the press conference.

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The deputy head of MC added that it was very important for the ministry to develop these solutions together with non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs and university representatives. – We want to do it together so that we can develop the best possible solutions for years to come – he noted, adding that the appropriate bill (introducing such a supervisory authority) will probably appear at the beginning of 2025.

– The Artificial Intelligence Act will require that such bodies start operating from 2026, so we want to use these months well to design a body that will be efficient, effective, will precisely supervise artificial intelligence and will be independent – he said in a comment for PAP on Tuesday, the deputy head of the Ministry of Digitization.

The deputy minister added that it should be an independent body “so that no one would even think of using high-risk systems – such as in health care, such as in the justice system – contrary to their intended purpose.”

– The role of this office will grow every year. We can already see how the development of artificial intelligence is accelerating, which is why it will be one of the key bodies in the 21st century – he emphasized.

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Existing institutions do not have the appropriate competences

As the Ministry of Digital Affairs announced on Tuesday, the new AI market supervision authority is to be “a single point of contact for the general public and other partners at the level of Member States and at the EU level.” It will also consider applications for authorization to put into use high-risk AI systems. It added that it would receive complaints from people affected by AI systems and reports of serious incidents, and would cooperate with the Commission, the Advisory Forum and the Artificial Intelligence Council. The announcement noted that supporters of establishing a new body noted that existing institutions do not have appropriate competences and resources to conduct such activities, and the creation of a specialized agency responsible for the safe and legal development of AI will benefit both the public and private sectors. “The Artificial Intelligence Act is the first law of its kind in the world that is intended to comprehensively regulate the development and use of AI. The EU regulation requires member states to adapt their legal systems to effectively implement the new rules in practice,” the ministry explained. He added that 50 entities took part in pre-consultations on the planned implementation of the AI ​​Act.

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