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Artificial intelligence. “The pope looks pretty good.” Yes, but not true

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“That’s why I don’t go to church anymore, although I believe in God,” one Twitter user commented on a photo of a smiling Pope Francis with a rainbow flag circulating on social media. Many asked in disbelief if this was a genuine photo. No, it’s not true.

A photo of Pope Francis, who seems to be posing for the camera with a rainbow flag worn like a shawl, caused a lot of discussion on Polish Twitter. “I am posting this photo with great pain” – he wrote On June 6, one of the users, posting a photograph (original spelling of all posts). The entry was viewed 8.2 thousand. times, more than 110 Twitter users liked it, more than 60 shared it.

Misleading tweet from June 6, 2023Twitter

Internet users commenting on the photo either expressed indignation or argued whether the photo of the pope was authentic. “It must be a photomontage. But if it’s true, I thank you for such a Catholic church,” commented one of the Internet users. The author of the tweet replied to him: “It’s just confirmation of the trend.” Others asked: “God! Is this fake????”; “Isn’t that fake???”; “isn’t it fake?”; “Any source? Where does this photo come from, because these 6-color environments are ready to go to extreme manipulations”; “AI?”; “I hope it’s fake.”

Some believed in the authenticity of the photo. “I don’t have the heart for this old man. Our Paperman is turning over in his grave!”; “And I was already beginning to treat Him as a serious Pope”; “Maybe I’ll wait for the new pope”; “That’s why I don’t go to church anymore, even though I believe in God”; “This is the end of the church as an institution”; “Antipope,” they wrote.

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Others had no doubt that the photo was fake news: “Do you post fakes with great pain or for likes?”; “It’s a photomontage”; “AI?”; “This is fake. Look for the source of the photo. It appeared on a gay FB page.” The author of the last quoted post in another tweet published a link to a Facebook post that is supposed to be the source of the illustration.

Another photo of the pope generated by artificial intelligence

Internet users who did not believe in the truth of the photo were right. As one commenter noted, published her on April 3 this year on Gay Forest’s Facebook fan page. It appeared among three other similar photos of Pope Francis with a rainbow flag. “Pope Francis looks pretty good with his new flag of equality,” the English-language post reads. The post was provided with a dozen hashtags – the last two: #midjourney #midjourneyv5 indicate that the illustrations were generated by the MidJourney artificial intelligence program. It generates images based on the user’s description.

A post from April 3, 2023 tagging the AI ​​programFacebook

Pope Francis turns out to be a graceful figure to remake his image with AI (artificial intelligence). In March in Konkret24 we described “photos” of the pope in a fashionable white quilted jacket and sports shoes sent out massively on social media.

However, if you see images whose authenticity raises doubts, it is worth checking them before forwarding. There are free tools available online to assess whether a given graphic or photo has been generated by artificial intelligence. One of them (a demo version) is provided by Hive Moderation, an American AI company. We used this tool to verify an image from a popular tweet. It showed that the probability of generating this photograph of the pope by artificial intelligence is 99.2 percent, and the chance that MidJourney was used for this is 98.7 percent.

According to another tool – Maybe’s AI Art Detector – the probability of creating graphics by artificial intelligence is 69 percent.

Author:Gabriela Sieczkowska

Main photo source: twitter.com

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