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Artificial intelligence. US senators submitted two bipartisan bills in her case

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On Thursday, US senators introduced two separate, bipartisan draft resolutions on artificial intelligence. This is due to the rapid development of this technology and the growing potential problems that may arise.

The first of the projects would require the US government to be transparent about the use of artificial intelligence to interact with people. The second would establish a new office to determine whether United States remain competitive in terms of the latest technologies.

According to Reuters, US lawmakers are starting to consider what new regulations may be needed due to the development of artificial intelligence. The technology hit the headlines earlier this year when ChatGPT, an AI program that can answer questions in written form, went public and caused quite a buzz.

Human supervision over AI

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Senator Gary Peters, a Democrat who chairs the homeland security committee, introduced the bill along with Republican Senators Mike Braun and James Lankford. The project would require U.S. government agencies to inform people when the agencies are using AI to interact with them. The act also requires the agency to provide an opportunity to appeal any decision made by the AI.

“The federal government needs to be proactive and transparent about the use of AI and ensure that decisions are not made without human oversight,” Braun said.

The US is expected to remain competitive in AI

Conversely, Democrats Michael Bennet and Mark Warner, along with Republican Senator Todd Young, proposed legislation that would establish an Office of Global Competitive Analysis to ensure the United States remains at the forefront of artificial intelligence development.

– We cannot afford to lose competitive advantage in strategic technologies such as semiconductors, quantum computing and artificial intelligence to competitors such as China Bennett said.

Earlier this week Chuck Schumer, the majority leader in the upper house of the United States Congress, said he has scheduled three meetings for senators on artificial intelligence. They include a general overview of AI as well as an examination of how to achieve American AI leadership. A secret session on defense and intelligence issues and implications is also planned.

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