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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Ashley Benson’s Step-By-Step Guide to Perfecting Her Smokey Eye Is Surprisingly Simple

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As a result, she tends to stick to eye pencils that come with a built-in blender. Using the sponge tip, Ashley explained, makes for a “more smoky” look overall.

After blending the eyeliner, Ashley topped off the look by applying volumizing mascara. Voilà! Yes, the entire eye makeup routine really is that easy. And its simplicity is purposeful, too! 

“I had stopped doing like a lot of eye makeup for a bit, because when I was around, like…14, to 19, I looked insane. Like, so pale [and] I had raccoon eyes,” Ashley said. “I wanted to be Taylor Momsen, basically, from Gossip Girl. So as I got older, I started to see how you could make your face look kind of more natural.

She continued, “For instance, this is a bit of a heavy eye but at the same time it’s not too intense.”

Ashley tackled her eye look after first applying foundation and filling out her eyebrows. Then, after perfecting her eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara, she contoured her face, applied blush and used setting spray.

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Watch the complete Vogue video above for more details on Ashley’s beauty routine, including all of her must-have skincare products. 

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