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Asiana Airlines. Lee Yoon-jun was sitting next to the passenger who opened the door during the flight. A bloodcurdling relationship

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I thought what had I done wrong in my life. It was only a moment, but a lot of thoughts ran through my head,” said Lee Yoon-jun, whose neighbor suddenly opened the emergency door during the flight. A serious incident on an Asiana Airlines plane took place at the end of May. Now CNN was talking to one of the passengers.

The chilling incident happened on May 26. On an Asiana Airlines flight to Daegu, South Korea, a passenger opened the emergency exit door shortly before landing. The 33-year-old later explained that he did it because he was “uncomfortable” and “wanted to get off the plane quickly”. Lee Yoon-jun, who was sitting next to the perpetrator, was interviewed by CNN. – I felt the terror of death. I thought I was going to die, that this was my end,” he recalls.

“So many thoughts ran through my head”

He said he was watching a video on his phone at the time of the incident. At some point, the door opened and he was hit by a strong gust of wind, which tore off his headgear and headphones. Lee Yoon-jun had difficulty breathing. When he looked up, where the door should have been, he saw clouds. He was sure something bad was going to happen. “In disaster movies, everyone always dies when the (airplane – ed.) door opens in the air,” he remarked to CNN. – I thought what wrong I did in my life. It was only a moment, but a lot of thoughts ran through my head.

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He stressed that the man sitting next to him seemed very tense and they were both “trembling with fear”. “I looked down and saw his feet swaying in the wind,” he said, adding that he didn’t know at the time that it was this man who caused the door to open. He did not see the moment when the 33-year-old pulled the lever. He assumed it was some kind of accident. However, when they landed, the neighbor tried to quickly jump out of the plane, although the plane was still moving.

An Asiana Airlines plane where a passenger opened the door during the flight.Reuters

Lee claims he overpowered the man with the help of other passengers, and the flight attendant called for help. When the machine stopped, the police arrived and arrested the perpetrator, and only then did Lee realize what had really happened. He remembered then that from the beginning of the journey he had felt uncomfortable sitting next to this man. “Since we boarded, he looked pale and gave a bad impression. He seemed a bit dark, fidgeting all the time, looking at people and acting strangely,” he said.

“I feel like I’ve been born again”

At the same time, Lee emphasizes that the event had a positive impact on his life. – I feel like I’ve been born again. I try to have more fun and live a more interesting life. I’m happy about that,” he stressed. I suddenly became a temporary celebrity. When I’m with friends, I jokingly refer to myself as a celebrity – he pointed out, noting that he likes it when someone refers to him as a hero because he stopped the perpetrator of a dangerous incident from escaping from the plane.

None of the 200 people on board were seriously injured, although nine passengers were hospitalized with respiratory problems. The investigation is ongoing and the services are trying to determine how the man managed to open the door of the plane during the flight.

Stopping a passenger who was about to open the door.PAP/EPA/YONHAP

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Main photo source: Reuters

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