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Asteroid 2023 DZ2 has passed close to Earth. It was half as close as the moon.

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Asteroid 2023 DZ2 visited us tonight. The space rock passed our planet half the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

Asteroid 2023 DZ2 made its closest approach to Earth on Saturday, March 25 at 8:51 p.m. The distance between us is only half the distance between the Earth and the Moon (348,000 kilometers). 2023 DZ2 could be seen with a small telescope as a small, slow-moving star.

NASA: an important occasion

According to NASA this was an important opportunity for astronomers to increase their knowledge of asteroids in case a dangerous object was discovered that could hit the Earth.

– It’s rather rare for an object of this size to pass so close to Earth. This happens about once every 10 years, Richard Moissl, head of the Planetary Defense Office of the European Space Agency (ESA), told CNN.

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It was discovered recently

The asteroid is an object discovered by scientists at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on the Canarian island of La Palma in late February. It belongs to the objects of the Apollo family – named after asteroid 1862 Apollo, which was discovered in the 1930s by the German astronomer Karl Reinmuth.

2023 DZ2 is classified by NASA as a NEO (Near-Earth Object), like any cosmic object that is at least 193 million kilometers from Earth.

Orbit 2023 DZ2cneos.jpl.nasa.gov

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Main photo source: Shutterstock

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