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At a school in Wrocław, students were banned from using smartphones. “It's already a habit for them.”

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On April 1, Primary School No. 113 in Wrocław introduced a ban on using smartphones for students – also during breaks. The ban has been in force for several days.

There was no objection, but noise was finally heard during breaks, much to the teachers' joy. – During the break, the school seemed to freeze. Everyone was sitting, supporting the walls, looking into their phones, and generally playing, mainly playing – reports Marta Hołub, principal of Primary School No. 113 in Wrocław.

Now, after entering school, the smartphone must be left in the backpack. Whether students like it or not. – The advantages are that there is more time to talk to friends – admits Milena, a student.

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Primary School No. 113 in Wrocław introduced a ban on students using phones on April Fool's Day, but it was not a joke. – They can, of course, be used in the classroom for educational purposes. You can call home, provided you report this fact to the teacher – says Hołub.

Leszczyna: school is the best time for preventionTVN24

– Well, some people break these rules, but we received a message from the director that if someone uses it, they will simply be exposed to inappropriate behavior – admits Jaśmina.

They are excellent at navigating the internet. In fact, too often they are withdrawn

It was a joint decision of teachers, parents and students. The idea for the debate on this topic was the school principal. Previously, children could only use smartphones during one break, but this did not work. – Everyone was sitting just staring at the phone, we already noticed such strange positions, slouching – says Adrian Nowotnik, a teacher. – It was only apparent peace, because we observed what was happening in the children's heads during the next lesson: lack of concentration, thinking about the interrupted game – says Hołub.

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Teachers noticed that students were distracted, learned worse, and this had a negative impact on their health. – In addition to vision, posture and speech problems, there are also emotional and social problems – says Martyna Borecka, a teacher at the school.

They are excellent at navigating the internet. In fact, they are too often shy, withdrawn, and unable to talk to their peers. – They have no other idea how to spend their free time without a phone. Recently, I had a student here who asked me if I could advise him what he could do in his free time when he couldn't reach for the phone, says Borecka. Because they spend their free time in the virtual world.

“There are studies that show that smartphones are as addictive as drugs.”

– I have an application where my parents set how much time I can spend there. I can spend three hours, but I spend about two hours, but with breaks, says Milena. – There are also children who cannot survive even a few minutes without a phone – admits Igor.

– Reaching for the phone is already a habit for them. I also had a student here a moment ago who grabbed the phone, he didn't take it out because he saw me, but he told me “it's become a habit for me. I don't even think about grabbing the phone,” says Borecka.

According to psychologists, it is increasingly becoming an addiction. – There are studies that show that smartphones are as addictive as drugs. To put it colloquially, children simply take drugs in schools – says Rafał Górski, president of the Institute of Civil Affairs.

– Phonoholism is currently considered the same disease as gambling addiction – informs Czesław Michalczyk, psychologist.

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New item, voluntary vaccination program. Three ministries announced changes in schoolsMarek Nowicki/Fakty TVN

There are similar bans in France, Sweden and the Netherlands. Petition to ministers

The Institute of Civil Affairs wants to introduce a total ban on the use of phones in all schools, without exception. In this regard, he is collecting signatures for a petition to be sent to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Digitization. Such bans apply, among others, in France, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands.

– We receive information from teachers that if the school regulates these issues itself, some parents, or one parent in a class or school, threaten the management with taking the case to court – points out Górski. It didn't take long for the Ministry of Education to respond.

– The Ministry will not be introducing any top-down orders at this time. This is regulated by the school statutes. This is why, among other things, the Ombudsman for Students' Rights and Obligations was established at the minister's office, to also support schools in the good organization of statutes – says Barbara Nowacka, Minister of Education.

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– Banning the use of phones in schools is a very good idea – says Michalczyk. As psychologists add, education and prevention are more important, and adults should set a good example. – We should teach children how to use phones wisely – adds Michalczyk.

Two weeks after introducing changes in this Wrocław school, the effects can be seen and heard. – I was more distracted, but now it's better – admits one of the students.

– They tell us that, for example, they meet someone from another class. So far, there has been much less of it, says Borecka. – Slowly, students will get used to it and it will become so habitual that I think: maybe we will be an example for Wrocław – comments Nowotnik.

Author:Marta Kolbus

Main photo source: TVN24

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