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Attack in Russia. New facts leaked. 15 minutes was enough

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He may have been one of the organizers of the attack at Crocus City Hall Abdul Buriyev – writes the website Vazhnye Istorii after analyzing published fragments of “interrogations” of captured terrorists.

“It matches the description given by the suspects and was noticed by the secret services Turkey as curator of the Islamic State branch of the Wilayat Khorasan; he was preparing the car for the terrorists in the attack in Istanbul in January this year and he 'worked' with those who came from Tajikistan” – write Vazhnye Istoria.

Attack in Russia. 15 minutes was enough

The portal, citing the findings of the Mash channel, notes that terrorists they spent only 15 minutes in the Crocus center. In the video published there you can see them running away in a white Renault.

Important stories also point out that clothes there are terrorists the same as those detained by the services of suspicious men and match “down to the smallest detail”, as can be seen in the recording of the shooting published by the Islamic State.

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Referring to the WCzK-OGPU channel, which is close to the law enforcement agencies, the portal notes that when the shooting began, there was a car parked next to the terrorists' car. a car of cynologists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There were also supposed to be armed policemen in the building, but everyone was to escape.

Russian media also identified one of the suspects was accidentally photographed at Crocus City Hall on March 7. It was then, as Vazhnye Istoria points out, that the US authorities warned against possible attacks in… Russia, planned by extremists. On March 9, a concert by the pro-Kremlin performer Shaman was to be held in Krokus.

Russia. Attack near Moscow

The tragic event occurred on Friday around 7 p.m. Polish time. Masked and armed people appeared at the facility and started shooting at those inside.

On Sunday after 3 p.m. Polish time Russian committee of investigatorsinvestigating the attack in the Crocus City Hall near Moscow, spoke at a special press conference. As reported, the number of victims of the attack has increased. Four more people have been confirmed dead in the last hours – the total number of victims is 137 killed.

Investigators also informed about the evidence collected in the case. Weapons and ammunition used by the attackers were found in the concert hall.

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