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Attack in Russia. The Italian minister points to an incident from weeks ago

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The head of the Ministry of Defense stated that “We also cannot lower our guard in Europe.” – Attack in Russia shows that in the current geopolitical situation, terrorist organizations can still count on real attack battalions.

Asked whether Russia had been warned about a possible attack, he replied: – Three weeks ago, one of the terrorist cells, ISKP, was attacked by the Russians. The Americans warned the services in Moscow, explaining that the group was only partially hit but was not defeated. There was a backlash on Friday.

– It happened in Russia, but an attack of this kind could happen in many other countries, where the Islamic State is present and operating, warned the Italian Defense Minister.

Attack near Moscow. “No links between Ukraine and the Islamic State”

To the attention that the Russian authorities point out Ukraine as the culprit, Crosetto explained that “there are no links between Ukraine and the Islamic State.” – For Kiev, even thinking about helping the Islamic State would be tantamount to double suicide – added the Italian minister.

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In an interview with a Roman newspaper, he emphasized that more should be invested in defense. – Let's stop saying that military spending is an alternative to funding for kindergartens, he said.

Guido Crosetto then stated: – Security is not free; we have to do what we have to do. If Trump is elected in America in November, he will be the first to remind us of this.

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“Presidents and Prime Ministers”: Today Putin does not need any strengthening/Polsat News/Polsat News

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